Friday, June 27, 2008

Life is Good!

Everything is going great! Yesterday we had a doctor's appointment to check his weight and his jaundice. His jaundice was in the intermediate risk range but still not severe enough to do therapy for or anything. His weight was ok but the doctor was concerned because he was not pooping and peeing like he is was supposed to. Well, that all changed once we left the doctor's office. I have changed a zillion diapers and I hate it every time with this little guy. Each time I change his diaper I am reminded of what a mean person I am having him circumcised.....can I just tell you that I have had the HARDEST time with that! I feel soooo bad for the little guy!

Anyhow, today we had an appointment at the hospital at the breastfeeding center for another check on his weight and jaundice and to talk about how he is feeding. I am happy I went, it was very informative and I think I got some tips that will keep me feeding him! I think it is actually going to work this time! YAY! His jaundice was much better today and he had gained a little weight from yesterday so everything was great today.

Things are really great! The second one is soooo much easier. I just remember the first week with Sam was AWFUL! I was so miserable. I think we kept all the lights out in the whole house the first week. I just remember lots of crying (both from Sam & from me). I remember thinking that we would never get any sleep again and that our lives were going to be forever difficult. This time has been a piece of cake compared to that! I guess we just know what we are doing this time! AND, what I was worried about most, the baby waking Sam up at night has not been an issue at all. He doesn't cry much and when he does, it isn't for long. It has all worked out. I guess I had so much anticipation about it being so bad that it seems so much better than what I had imagined.

Samara has had her bouts of jealousy but has, for the most part, been really good. She really seems to like him being around which I am happy about. She LOVES to help so that really comes in handy at times. Things might be a little different next week when Dad is gone to give her all the attention but I am praying that this is a good transition for her. I know that my hour long feedings will be a challenge when it is just the three of us, but I am hoping that things get a little easier with the feedings and it won't be so intimidating. I was able to take her to the store today to get a little alone time. I can't be away for too long right now because I am feeding him so I thought we could "hang out" together at the grocery store. I think it was good to spend a little time with her....she seemed to really enjoy being with just me (and I also enjoyed just my baby girl)!

Just wanted to give an update.

Here is the tiny guy......weighing it at an enormous 6lbs 8oz!!!!!!
And here is Spence and his Daddy!

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