Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Day of Family Fun!

Finally an opportunity to sit down and relax! Today has been busy but it has been so worth it. We started working as soon as we got up this morning, trying to prepare for the rest of the day! Needless to say that my back is hurting (I am not used to carrying around this weight)!

We ran to Sears because they were having a Father's Day thing where you bought $100 worth of Dockers stuff and got a $75 Shell gift card! Since we HAVE to buy gas and Josh desperately needed pants, it was a pretty good deal.

We got home and I did some meal first time EVER to cook burgers! Hard to believe that I have never cooked burgers in 26 years! Between the burgers at family get-togethers and eating out, I never had a desire to cook my own!

Anyway, everyone started showing up at the house about 2pm. I decided to have family over to hang out, swim and eat for Father's Day. A day outside hanging out is my idea of fun.....I absolutely love a day like today! We are about as family oriented as you can get so this was GREAT!

If you know my Dad, you know that the kids were well stocked on "fun"! We already had a bunch of pool toys and Mom & Dad brought a Slip N Slide, water guns and lots of bubbles.
We all had a really great time! Who would have thought that the little ones would enjoy the Slip N Slide but I think they liked it even more than the big kiddos!

As for the bubbles....I think my Dad played with those more than anyone else......he bought a bubble thing that made super huge bubbles and of course he kept trying to see just HOW big they could get! Here you can see that Tyler is fascinating Samara with the monstrous bubble! It is so much fun to see all the kids together. The older kids are all so wonderful to the itty-bitty's! My nephew Tyler especially loves the little ones and they love him. As you can see here, Samara is showing him some love! Pretty sweet huh!
Of course the kids were all dead dog tired at the end of the day but they had sooo much fun! I am so glad that we were able to do this before the baby. Speaking of that, I normally just wear a two piece swimsuit that I had before getting prego........I didn't think that was appropriate for this family function as it would offend some. Thank you Dawn for letting me borrow a maternity suit! Unfortunatly even it would not cover all of my bump.Hopefully I will be able to get out of bed for church in the morning! (that is, if I don't have this baby tonight!)

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