Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Every day is a new day!

That has been my motto for the past few days and I feel that it might stay that for a while. Let's just say that these few days without Josh here have been quite a challenge. Samara is having a difficult time with the transition. I am not surprised, as she was the center of my attention each and every day. Not to mention that she was accustomed to doing stuff everyday and we have basically been housebound for the past week. Being housebound is solely by choice at this point. Having to feed every 2-3 hours makes outings with both kids too difficult. I think I will wait until the feedings space out a bit more before adding that into the schedule. I can just see myself trying to feed him and having to run after her!

Samara has really been testing me. Basically anything I ask her to do, she just won't do; even if it is something she really wants to do. She will either ignore me or simply look at me while she is defying me. This is not like her and I know it will pass OR it will just continue because she is almost 2 and people tell me that this is "terrible two's" behavior. Anyhow, I don't deal too well with the total defiance thing so pray for patience as we walk through this time.

She is also having to do all the things Spencer does so, she has tried out all of his stuff....swing, bouncers, clothes, eating like him (she didn't actually get to try this one), crying like him, just about anything you can think of. There is also no place that I can put him that she can't get to SOOO, that makes taking showers and even going to the bathroom quite difficult! The one place I thought was safe was his crib but she has shown that even that she can climb up! You ask why it matters if she can get to him? Well, let's just say that she is not very happy with him invading her life and likes to make that clear by hitting, yanking, poking, etc. She also tries to pick him up! YIKES! I am certain that these behaviors are all very typical but that makes it no less annoying.

On that note, today has actually been much better. I did forget to mention that she has been mad at me and won't sit with me or kiss me or let me play with her even when I don't have Spencer. Today was much better.....I guess she is adjusting, despite how much she wishes she didn't have to. I am so thankful for this step in the right direction.....I did also pray for lots of patience today so maybe that was part of it!

In case I have mentioned this yet, Samara and Spencer looked soo much alike when they were born. I thought I would post a side-by-side so that you can decide for yourself.

Spencer had a friend come visit. Troy, this one is for you.....Spencer & Amelia sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.

Yesterday we took a little break from the house and went to play at Mom's. Parker was in town and Mom had her, Alyssa & Balin so we went over there to let Sam play. She had a ton of fun!

And here is the little man hangin' out....look at those skinny legs all stretched out!

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