Monday, June 16, 2008

For those who have been harrassing me!

I am staying at my parents this week.....JUST IN CASE! That way I don't have to wake Sam up in the middle of the night AND my Mom will be right there to take me to the hospital, so that I don't have him at everyone at Sunday School thinks will happen! I promise you that this baby is not just going to fall out! I have an appt tomorrow morning so I will update you after that!

Things don't look promising for Josh if he has to fly home this week. There aren't any flights out of Hartford from 3:45 pm until 6 am. On top of that, the flight alone is 7 hrs! God is in control, right? Just kidding.....I know he is, just still praying hard, as if he doesn't already know how I feel.

I am feeling pretty yucky today. I stayed at Mom & Dad's last night and I forgot my meds. I take Nexium daily for my heartburn and I feel like I am going to DIE today! I will not be forgetting that again! I also have been having more contractions than normal......hopefully just braxton-hicks : )

Praying for no pictures of a beautiful little boy to introduce until Saturday!

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