Sunday, June 1, 2008

CVS this week, so far anyway!

SOOO, last week was really lame for CVS. Thankfully this week there were some great deals to be had! I spent $14.02, saved $169.24 and have $34.98 ECB to spend. I didn't do as good as normal this week because of a few mistakes but I still made out pretty well. This is what I got:

2- 8pk AA Duracell batteries 2- 4pk AAA Duracell batteries
Pampers Size 2 Jumbo pk
2- Pampers Size 4 Jumbo pk
2- Pampers Size 5 Jumbo pk
2- Pampers Sensitive tub wipes
60 ct Nursing Pads
4- Colgate Total toothpaste
2- Covergirl Foundation
10- Chex Mix
*4- Dawn Dish Liquid
*2- Glade sprays
2- Head & Shoulders 2 in 1
Milk storage bags
Bag of cotton balls
Big pak Eclipse gum

This has really been great. I know many of you are wondering what in the world I will do with some of this stuff. The answer some, give some, use some. I am able to get diapers for next to nothing and that is HUGE! I am also able to donate a ton of stuff that I would never have been able to donate's fun to give stuff away! By the way, if you see a * by any of the items listed, that means that I am not planning on using it and will donate it if I can't find anyone to give it to. That said, if you need anything with a * next to it, leave me a comment, shoot me an e-mail or give me a call and I will give it to you. Also, feel free to check old CVS posts to see if there is anything from those lists you need.


Jason said...

That's frickin' incredible!!

BTW...I follow your BLOG daily. In fact, I have even started my own. Don't be expecting much in the way of quality, but you can find it at

amanda said...

how do u get diapers for next to nothing??!! tell me ur secret please.

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