Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's a Girl! & something else for FREE!

Joey & Melissa are having a girl! YEAH!!!!! Melissa has been wanting a girl soooo bad! I am so happy for them! How funny that we have a girl & them a boy 4 months apart and now we will have a boy & them a girl 4 months apart.

I feel like having the cousins so close is a true blessing! We are blessed on both sides because we have Levi and ???? on Josh's side and Balin & ???? on my side! It is so fun when we get together as a family and the kids can play and have fun!

On that note, Samara went over to Nini's today while I went to lunch with some friends. Balin (Baay) & Alyssa (Lyssa) were there and when Samara & Balin saw each other they just couldn't quit hugging and kissing one another! They love each other sooo much and have such a good time together! It is precious!

Can't wait to find out what Matt & Kacey are having! (Mom wants another boy....too bad she doesn't get to decide)

Sorry for this Jas, but I got ANOTHER pair of panties for free today. I got these from Macy's through a Jockey promo they are doing. Print your coupon here. It expires June 6th so you better get a move on it!

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