Monday, February 16, 2009

Our first week!

Hey everybody!

The first week of work went great! I really enjoy the job and my coworkers have been so great. I feel right at home already!

I haven't had a chance to update the blog because I don't spend near as much time on the computer that I once did. When I get home from work I just want to hang out with the kids and many nights don't even open the computer......I'm sure you understand.

Life is quite different as a working Mom of 2.

Sam LOVES LOVES LOVES her school and new friends. She is so precious......praying and thanking God for her new friends and new school! She even wanted to go this weekend. I really think she was getting bored at home all day, every day. She LOVES to learn and this is giving her an opportunity to learn and play all day long! I think she will probably HATE staying home with me if I ever get that chance again. : (

It was so cute getting her valentine's and little goodies for and from all her classmates! Soooo caaauuute! They had a little party Friday fun!

I LOVE picking her brings such joy to see her so excited to see me and excited to tell me all about her day on the car ride home. I get so many sugars on the way outta that Preschool that those people probably think I'm crazy ; )

Spencer was sick all of last week. He had upper respiratory stuff, an ear infection and at the end of the week came down with some funky rash. Poor guy. Things seem like they are getting better on that end!

Spencer is not being very nice to Dawn......only sleeping in 30 minute increments. Please be praying that he can settle into a routine over there. He seems to be doing fine at Angel Land......sleeping good for them......little stinker!

We are all adjusting nicely.......THANK YOU to everyone who prayed.......we could not have done this without you! I really do have the best friends and I am so grateful everyday for you!

I realized while scanning the blog that it has been a while since I have posted any pics......I will try to do that soon! Spencer is getting so big. Josh dressed him yesterday while Sam and I were at church and when I checked the size on the outfit he was wearing it said 24 months! AAAHHH! The kid is BIG! I can't believe how fast he is growing! He is such a sweet soul......he loves to give kisses and this Momma loves to take them : )

Please pray that my heart can continue to be at peace about our new situation!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A little better!

Well, the week hasn't seemed to get a whole lot better but my attidude certainly has : )

Tuesday and Wednesday Sam stayed home with me because she wasn't feeling well. Today was her first day back and she seemed excited to be going to school and playing with her new friends. Unprovoked by me, she prayed for and thanked God for her new friends all this week! Hopefully I will find a happy child when I pick her up!

Yesterday, I wasn't able to keep my eyes open, my head was pounding, I kept getting the chills and just felt YUCKY! Ya, I'm pretty sure I've got the flu! Thank goodness for WONDERFUL kids who basically kept themselves entertained all day! Mom came and stayed last night to get the kids a bath and feed Spence in the middle of the night! Thanks Mom!

My grandpa is home from the hospital.....YAY!

I am officially starting work on Monday!

Monday, February 2, 2009

What a crappy day!

Sorry for the verbage but, truth be told, that is stating it lightly!

I'm allowed a bad day! Tell me everyday should be a great one because I know the Lord and I will tell you I don't believe it! He asks us to praise Him always and that I can do because guess what, He is still good.....but the day still stinks!

a) Taking Sam to school today was just hard......that's really all I know to say. She did great for those of you who are wasn't that.

b) I got word today that I likely won't start work until next week. A little frustrating considering I am paying for childcare but not getting paid! On top of that, I am just ready to get the show on the road......I am not a real patient gal.

c) My brother sent my parents a letter and it broke my heart. I don't care that tons of other men have gone through all the military mess; this time it's my brother and I don't like it. I hate more than anything for people to be demeaning......bullies. And that's what the military prides themselves on, at least during basic training! I really dislike it! On top of that, most choose to enter at a young age; before having a family.......what a difference that must make.

Matt has never been one to naturally respect authority (runs in the family, BTW) so I'm pretty sure he has had a bumpier ride than some of the others during his stay. He says he gets yelled at alot and does lots of push-ups. In addition he only gets 4-6 hours of sleep, 30 second showers and 2-5 minutes to eat. I mean, seriously......that's just ridiculous! Grrr.....whatever.....just gets me fired up thinking about it. I don't think I would be a very good candidate for the military, huh?

d) My grandpa has been in the hospital for very painful cellulitis in his leg since Wednesday. The surgeon came today and decided he could lance it bedside (make an incision and drain it). He thought the incision was going to be small but it ended up being about 6 inches. The nurse said he could still feel the procedure, despite the local anesthetic. Didn't go quite as planned. Ugh, that stinks!

e) While the procedure on my Grandpa was being performed, my Grandmother was at the neurologist with my Mother, getting a diagnosis of Alzheimer's. Wow.....that is not an easy one to swallow! What a sad, sad disease. My heart is broken.

Yes, I am well aware that those "bad" things pale in comparison to what others are dealing with. In my reality though.......the convergence of these events made for a pretty yucky day!

Sometimes life is like dirty shoes.......stinky but not unbearable.
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