Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Precious sleep!

There are new parents out there who think....."I can't wait until my baby gets older and will sleep through the night."

While this is mostly the case, there are still nights like last night. I don't think I ever thought that I would have to worry about getting a good nights sleep at 2 years old.....I was wrong! The little girl woke up at midnight and was finally able to fall asleep at 3am. 3 hours in the middle of the night feels like FOREVER! I felt sorry for her.....she was trying so hard to go back to sleep but was just flopping around. I never could figure out what the "problem" was! It was hard not to get frustrated, even though I know she couldn't help it......all I could think was....."these nights of sleep are precious.....they will be far and few between before too long." Oh well.....just God's preparation for the near future, I suppose!

She took a good nap this morning but got totally worn out this afternoon. Balin & Alyssa came over this afternoon and it was too late to put her down for an afternoon nap when they left. I knew I wouldn't be able to put up with the whining if I didn't keep her busy so, we went swimming!

I am not sure if this was a good idea because I barely got her bathed before she fell asleep. She wouldn't even eat dinner. She fell asleep in my lap......which NEVER happens. When I picked her up to put her in bed she was like a ton of bricks. I was not very gentle getting her to her bed and she never even hinted at opening her eyes! WOW!

Praying she will make it through the night tonight. (I put some crackers beside her bed in case she wakes up hungry....hehe)

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