Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We made it home!

Finally. We were so ready this morning but Spencer didn't quite cooperate. He has a little jaundice so we had to wait on word from the pediatrician to be discharged. Everything is fine, it isn't bad, just something for us to watch out for.

We got home about 5. Mom brought Sam home and she was excited to see "her Spencer". Josh's Mom came over and fixed us dinner.....thanks MIL! I am pretty tired so I am going to feed the little man and head to bed. I just wanted to update you and post a few more pics.

Here he is in his "going home" outfit.And here he is all bundled up looking so sweet.
And here is Sam "holding" Spence.

1 comment:

Amy Farish said...

beautiful! look at that gorgeous reag, you're doing great at this mommy thing.

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