Monday, June 9, 2008

Sorry, it's been a while

As you can see, I am still waiting on a reply from the website person.

We had a good weekend, though no pool! I didn't know that I should be letting the pump run while Josh is out of town. Woops! Needless to say, it sat for too long and ended up needing some recovery! Not to mention that the pump we bought LAST YEAR died when he was trying to get the pool back into shape so we had to go lay down a hefty penny for a new one! We were just having bad luck this weekend I suppose, because we borrowed Mom & Dad's power washer to clean off our back porch and Josh turned it on and got it working for a minute only for it to go out a few seconds later! AAHHH!

Josh made it back in town late Friday evening and was able to see Sam before bed....YEAH! That is always a blessing! Saturday morning was REALLY lazy for us. We just hung out and laid around. It was lazier for some of us, than others!

Later that afternoon we tried to get the back porch cleaned up. We absolutely LOVE our back porch and back yard and I was ready to tidy it up so that it would be a little more enjoyable! It seems that we are out there ALL the time now! Samara is forever saying "outside"! Even without the pool we find fun things to do.....though she does usually say "hot" when we walk out there! Saturday and Sunday we filled up the kiddie pool and put her little tykes slide into it and she really loved that! Here is a video!

She is so stinkin' cute, huh!

Ya know, I have heard a saying, "A tired child is a good child." They must not know mine! Being out in the sun wears her out and once we get back in, she is SOOO whiny. I know that I can't go outside until late in the afternoon because I better be ready to feed her and bathe her when I come in or I'll go crazy listening to all the fussing!

Absolutely NO news on the baby front. Practically ALL of my contractions have quit so I am guessing I will likely make it to term......UGH! Thankfully he isn't in my ribs like she was so I am actually pretty comfortable. I am finally getting used to him being in there and invading my only have him come out soon! Oh well!

I know I promised a pic of the nursery once we got it done. It isn't finished but I will show you what we have so far. Mom has done an AWESOME job, don't ya think!

If you are wondering about the photo-a-day.....I am taking them.....I am just WAY behind in putting them together. The biggest problem with this is trying to go back and remember what we did what days! I was determined to do it at the end of each day but it just hasn't happened! At least I have the pictures!

Hope ya'll have an awesome day!

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