Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Additional CVS loot for the week!

$.68 OOP today. Some of it was simply FREE after coupons.....some of it nearly free. The blood glucose monitors were free and I donate them to Cornerstone Assistance Network. This is what I got:
5- Travel size John Frieda hairspray (good for J's travel)
*2- Contour blood glucose monitors
3- 500 ct cotton swabs
2- Veet hair remover
*Listerine Smart Rinse
4- J&J travel shampoo and lotion
Christophe hair serum
Face cleansing wipes
3- Toothbrush
Not too exciting today, though it will be nice to be stocked up on Q-Tips.....seems like we blow through them here.....which is pretty weird considering Mom & Dad don't have a single Q-Tip in the house!

1 comment:

Jason said...

She's a CVS pro!! What's next? Could it be this...

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