Friday, June 20, 2008

WOOHOO, he made it!

Well, Josh has made it home! Thank you Jesus for keeping Spencer snug in the womb until his Daddy could share this moment! Here we are waiting!
The doc asked if I felt like he had dropped the last time I went for a visit and I told her I really didn't know. If you don't know, then the answer is NO. I can tell you now that he has dropped. I feel like he is elbowing my thighs! I don't know that this means a thing except that having a baby that low is WEIRD! I don't ever remember this sensation with Sami.

We are all so ready. Mom is traveling to Houston on Monday to pick up my nephew so she is hoping that it will happen before then. Melissa works Monday and Tuesday so today would be a fantastic day. I don't guess I get to decide this, huh! No matter....we are ready. I was finally able to get someone (my mom, of course) to get up in the attic and get the cradle and car seat down. I feel much better now that those have been done.

Also, I just wanted to tell you all how blessed I am. We have not had to buy a thing for this little man. Because Joey & Melissa are having a girl, we are just trading clothes! Wow, did that work out nicely! Mom made all of the stuff for the room (bedding & curtains) and Josh's grandma is buying us a double stroller! I have been stocking up on diapers and wipes from CVS, not to mention that our Sunday School class provided us with a stock as well. Most everything else we have from Sam! Can I just say that God is SOOO good to us! Oh ya.....and I am a part of this freecycle group where you basically give away stuff you don't need anymore and other people do the same. Yesterday someone posted that they had a bag of boys clothes 0-3mths to give away! Hello, free boy clothes? She let me have them (you have to be quick). I went by there this morning and picked them up and was pleasantly surprised at how much was there. It was mostly onesies but what else do they wear at that age anyway? How cool is that?

So, to answer all of you who have asked if we are ready.....the answer is a huge YES! (By the way, my due date isn't officially until July 2 so I am just being impatient)

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