Friday, November 28, 2008

Very Possibly the Most Terrifying Moment of My Life!

Whew.....yesterday was rough. It was wonderful day with family but we noticed Samara seemed like she wasn't feeling well once we got to Mom's and she started playing (though she seemed fine in the morning). I thought.....surely not.....she's only been off her antibiotics (for an ear infection) for a couple of days.....she couldn't possibly be sick again. Silly assumption. When she started "acting" know....the whine about everything, every little thing is a huge deal stuff, and I said something about it, Mom mentioned that she looked like she didn't feel good to her.

On the way out the door to head to Joey's for the Martin Thanksgiving I felt Samara and she was BURNING up. UGH! We got to Joey's and immediately took her temperature....101.7. (Sorry Karen.....I had NO idea) She wouldn't even get down to play with Levi. She just wanted one of us to hold her and moaned and groaned. Poor baby. We gave her some Motrin and she perked up. The Motrin was still working when we got home so we will see what she feels like when she gets up this morning.

And on to the story......

So, last night we got home about 9:00 which was WAY past Sam's bedtime and time for Spencer to eat. Josh got Samara all ready and I got Spencer's bottle ready. Josh tried to put Sam to sleep but she wanted to rock (that's her thing when she's tired) so Josh took her into the living room to rock her for a bit. After getting Spencer's bottle ready I headed back to our bedroom. I typically feed him on our bed. I sat him on the bed and put the bottle down beside him. He wasn't screaming for it yet so I thought, "I'm going to change clothes and take out my contacts (which were killing me)." I made sure he was up there good, pulled the pillow around to kind of guard him and headed to the bathroom to change.

As I was putting my night shirt on I heard this awful crack sound. I knew . I RAN.....I mean bolted around the corner to find Spencer on the floor next to my bed. I screamed bloody murder, I mean a blood curdling tears, I just kept screaming as I scooped him up and started crying out to God. I ran toward the living room.....frantic and screaming. Of course, Josh met me halfway, bolting around the corner into the hallway....."what, what, what?"


I honestly hadn't even stopped long enough to assess the damage. I knew he wasn't bleeding but I didn't know anything else. Meeting up with Josh allowed me to slow down and take a look. I was so afraid of what I would find. He seemed fine and I was able to calm him down. I just sat there and rocked him and cried. I felt like we should take him to the emergency clinic or SOMETHING but Josh just kept saying, "he's fine Reagan, he's fine."

You need to understand that we have stained CONCRETE floors. When I heard the crack I just knew things were going to be bad. Once I had him calmed down and was able to go back to get his bottle I realized that it was the bottle that had made the spine tingling crack, not his head. After the heat of the moment and I went through the situation in my head again, I'm not sure he was even crying when I found him on the floor. I have this book pocket that slips in between my mattress and box spring. Yesterday morning I noticed it had fallen out and onto the floor. We were in a hurry to leave so I didn't bother putting it back. When I snatched Spencer up, he was lying on that.....a cushion, if you will. After replaying the situation, all I can do is praise God for his protection. That 12" spot was the ONLY area that had anything for him to fall on besides the hard floor.

I think I scared him more by my screaming than the actual fall. I freaked Josh and Samara out beyond belief as well. She kept crying and saying, "Mommy hurt, Bubba hurt," over and over. Needless to say that it took some work on Josh's part to get her calmed down and into bed.

I just cried.....and cried.....and cried. I was so ashamed at stupid! All I can figure is that he was trying to get that bottle and it was rolling, so he was chasing it.....right off the bed.

While I realize he is fine, that was so incredibly terrifying! I freaked people. It scares me. It makes me nervous that I can't seem to do anything when my child is hurt. My Mom has told me before, "You've got to get it together Reagan. You have to be able to take care of your kids if they get hurt; you can't just freeze up." And look what I did!

It was a bad night.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Is there really anything I CAN'T give thanks for? Even if I wasn't called to give thanks in all situations, I still would be able to give thanks for ALL things in my life.

I do think that some things in life are both a blessing and a curse.....things that are enjoyable but pull me away from the thing that matters God.


I feel like writing out SOME things I am thankful matter how long I make this list it will still be condensed.....

1. FIRST and FOREMOST I am thankful that God chased me down.....that even though I never went looking for Him, he put all the right things in my life at the right time and the Holy Spirit changed me......that He deemed me worthy of sending his Son to die on the cross for my sins.
2. I am thankful for the most AMAZING family. While I know that you may have the most amazing family for YOU, I have the most AMAZING family for ME. He has given me just what I need.
3. I am thankful for a husband that loves me.
4. I am thankful for healthy children.
5. I am thankful that Josh has a job and that I can stay home with the kiddos.
5. I am thankful for the house He has given us.
6. I am thankful that every single day of my life I have had food to eat and even more that I have always had food for my children to eat.
7. I am thankful that we have a wonderful church home and a great group of people to fellowship with.
8. I am thankful that I have clothes to wear that are appropriate for every season and that I can clothe my children.
9. I am thankful that we have 2 vehicles (and I would still be thankful if we had only 1)
10. I am thankful that I have a computer and the ability to get on the Internet.
11. I am thankful that I have a sewing machine.
12. I am thankful that my parents are still married and their parents are still married. (my Dad's parents are both deceased but they were still married when they died)(how many people can say that?)(it is a legacy that I am committed to uphold as well)
13. I am thankful that I live in a country where I am free.
14. I am thankful that I have a Bible (actually an abundance of Bibles)
15. I am thankful for beautiful weather.
16. I am thankful for butterflies (they remind me of my spiritual self every time I see one)
17. I am thankful for clean, warm, running water in my home.
18. I am thankful for electricity.
19. I am thankful for washing machines and dishwashers.
20. I am thankful that Sam has every toy under the sun that she could ever dream of wanting to play with (ok, so I'm not so thankful for the ridiculous number but I am at least thankful that she has toys) I said.....the list could go on......I will spare you as I'm sure you stopped at #2......and I am sure I will post this and then think....."how could I not put that one"........but you can certainly tell that I am BLESSED!

*UPDATE* OK, I somehow managed to forget a VERY important one.
~I am thankful to have a to have a camera.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Silly kid

Well, the babe has been born. Carson Mullins was born on Friday November 21. The 9th addition for the grandparents(my parents)! WOW!

We got to spend the day Saturday just hanging out. Sunday we went to church......we actually went to the 8am service so J could watch Da Boys. After naps we went to Uncle Joey & Aunt Mimi's. I hadn't seen Miss Lexi Kay since the day she came home from the hospital so I was excited to finally see her again!

Thank you all for your prayers for Sam. Today she said, "my tummy hurts," for the first time in over a week. It has been a LONG time since she has gone that long without saying something like that. We are still not sure what all that is about but she seems to be feeling better.

My Sami is so cute! Her new thing is telling me who is a boy and who is girl. She will go through the list, "Daddy's a boy. Mommy's a guwrul. Nini's a guwrul. Papa's a boy".......on and on the list goes. She also impressed us today when we drove by Whataburger and she shouted, "triangle." Once again, I haven't gotten around to teaching her shapes yet. She has most of her colors down so I guess she decided to shift her focus to shapes. I am always one step behind her.

Whew....we are hitting those 2's. She wants things HER way or NO way. She is extremely territorial. If something is Josh's and I am using it, she loses it......has a fit. She is constantly taking things to their owners.....drinks, shoes, pens, you name it. It's almost an obsession.

She is getting into the hyper thing. We have never really experienced this with her until just recently but oh my.....tonight she was RIDICULOUS. I am dreading those sleepovers already!

I know I haven't posted much about Spencer but it's because he doesn't do alot. He still sleeps a ton. He is still the sweetest, smiliest, good natured baby! He LOVES his big sister.....she can always make him is so cute! (there is just something about sibling love that just warms a Momma's heart)

Can't wait for Turkey Day......If I don't post before Thursday.......HAPPY THANKSGIVING.....I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kid Stuff

Just had to show you this pic of Sam! She had a little run in with the fence while at Mom's the other night. She "needed" a band aid but Mom was afraid to put it on the actual bump so she put it to the side of can see the actual scratch on the far left side of her head (looks kinda like a shadow from her hair). Anyway.....just thought this was too cute! She is putting her hand over her mouth (her new thing) in awe!

Here is my not-so-little Little Man. The kid is getting big. He is wearing 12 month clothes already! He will be 5 months this goes by sooo fast!
Oh and here is what I walked into this morning. Sam climbed up the side of the crib, slung her leg over and hung out in there with Bub! NICE!

She is growing up WAY too fast. Daily I am amazed at the things she can do. She is now spelling her full name (and it's stinkin' cute)! She is no longer sitting on her little potty and doesn't even need a stool for the big potty......just scootches her way onto the seat! I swear she isn't even going to need me in a year! I ALWAYS underestimate what she can learn. There have been SO many times that I have told myself, "don't bother with that yet, she won't be able to do that" but time and again she has proven me wrong! I love that girl but she is Miss Independent and I am SCARED! Oh how my parents will take great joy in knowing that I will most certainly be getting back what I gave to them!

Here is her Twinkle Twinkle.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What I didn't tell you!

There was more to Saturday than just bargain hunting!

We also had an appointment for Samara to get the which she is still saying, "rubbin' on my tummy. look inside. lotion on my tummy." over and over and over. You never know anything at the actual ultrasound because those guys aren't really supposed to say anything but I think all was fine.

ALSO, you better watch out because I am now schooled in self-defense. Mom and I took a self-defense class at the martial arts studio my brother works at part-time. It was actually kinda fun- minus the seriousness of the actual situation we were preparing for. I came home and tested out some of my moves on the big J man! I think he was somewhat impressed!

Anyhow.....Sam seems to be feeling better! Thank goodness! Thank you for all of your prayers!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Flea Market Finds

OOOHHHH.....maybe my ALL TIME favorite past time. Thrift shopping. Pretty much EVERYONE thinks I am nuts.....buying JUNK! I am totally one of those trash to treasure people. I LOVE seeing something that once looked like trash transform into something beautiful! I suppose it's why I am also a sucker for makeover shows!

Saturday morning the city of NRH put on a flea market and I had FUN! Josh watched the kids (thanks sweet love) while I perused the grounds! I only spent about $20 but I got some cool stuff....not to mention a few things I had been looking for and would have paid full price for!

I took some pics of a few of the things. Just keep in mind that many of these things will be "repurposed"!

I actually haven't decided if I will be painting this horse or not. It was too cute not to pass up. I am putting shelves up in Sam's room and I will decide once I get those up and it on there.

I have been collecting these milk glass bud vases for some time now. I already had these shelves up in my kitchen but I found a few more vases to add to my collection! (yes, my house is old and YES, I know the soffits date my kitchen!)
Oh....and silly as it may be, these are probably my FAVORITE finds. FUN vintage books! The sewing book is absolutely scrumptious!
I mean, check out these pages! The copyright is from 1972 so it is a blast to look at! (check out those flounce pants on the far right side)
I bought this little planter to paint and use as a toothbrush holder! The shelves will be painted and go in Sam's room!
I got a ton of cool frames to paint and this really cool bronze plate thing (it's big). I can't decide if I am going to hang it on the wall or put it on the kitchen table as part of a centerpiece!
Oh.....and I have a soft spot for vintage sheets! I am absolutely in LOVE with the one on the far right!
And finally, I found this neato chair! It needs some TLC but has GREAT bones! (and Sam took right to it) It is really different......short and fat......I thought it appropriate for me :) JK....kind of.

I also got a pillow for my bed, some fabric, a plant stand and some other odds and ends!

I was giddy when I got home......even though I knew I would have to face eyes rolling and sighs! That is what I call QUALITY alone time!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick Update on Sam

So, we got the test results back from the blood work. Everything looked good. PRAISE GOD!

Now, we are waiting on the ultrasound and a stool sample and will go from there. We have the ultrasound tomorrow at noon so you can be thinking about us then as I'm sure it will freak her out (but thankfully won't actually hurt this time). The ultrasound is simply to make sure their are no structural abnormalities.

If they don't find anything with any of this stuff he will try to manage Irritable Bowl Syndrome and see if that resolves some of the problems.

On another note, I have a wonderful husband! As I said before, this week has been rough. He knew I wasn't kidding when every time I talked to him she was screaming. He showed up yesterday......moved some of his appointments so he could come home and rescue me! Love you Babe!

Unfortunately for him, having Daddy home didn't help her fussiness. Josh finally took her to the doctor today because of all this (and she has had a runny nose and has been complaining that her ear hurt). He came home with an antibiotic and a cold medicine so please pray that these will help her feel better and help with the attitude.

OH, and I just thought I would share a breakthrough! I found a discipline tool that has finally worked! Let me just tell you that we have been through them all. She typically just laughs at our discipline attempts. Spanking worked for a bit but has now become a joke like the other options. Finally I had a vision of being put in the corner! DUH! Why didn't I think of that before? The naughty corner! She HATES it! WOOHOO! Finally! Please pray that this continues to be an effective tool for us. (she also hates to go to her room when Spencer and I are playing somewhere else but I can't take her room with us everywhere and there is a corner just about anywhere you can think of!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, still no baby.....just thought you might be wondering.

Whew....this week has been a beating! All I can figure out is that Sam feels so crummy. She is still complaining that her tummy hurts 3-4 times daily. She has been SO incredibly fussy.....wanting me to hold her and take her to the bathroom......stuff that just isn't like her. On top of that, she has had an especially hard week without Daddy. She is typically all about Daddy when he is here but once he leaves she doesn't really ask about him much. Last night alone she woke up two times yelling for "Daddy."

OH and speaking of last night......I got to be up from 2am until was simply fantastic. I don't know what was going on....(except that she doesn't feel good) but she just screamed for like 30 minutes! Once I got her down, Spencer woke up and had no intention of going back to sleep! AAAHHHHHH! Praying tonight will be better!

Aren't they precious!

Sam has her very own live dress up doll!

Poor Maddie! She's such a good sport!

Yesterday I spent some time making squash for Little Man. I am so amazed at how easy it is, how much money we save AND that it is better for him! It really is easy. When I was making food for Sam, I found these little 4oz containers at the dollar store. There were like 10 for a $1 and they have been PERFECT! It is even easier this time around because Josh's grandma gave us a Bullet for Christmas last year! I only put 2 oz in them this time because he won't eat that much at first and then I froze them. I made 20 of these and the squash cost me $4.40. That means I paid $.22 a jar.....not a bad deal! (and NO trip to the store! WOOHOO) They run approximately $.99 a jar at the store.

From this.....

To this......

To this!
Do you see all that blonde hair? It's a little hard to see in this pic but his hair is growing back blonde!

Oh ya....isn't it annoying when you have something in your teeth in public and NO ONE tells you? WELL, it is equally annoying when you make a stupid mistake like putting IX when you should have put IV and no one tells you. If you noticed and said nothing....shame on you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

You know they are getting big when......

It is a first.....and I don't like it. This means she is getting older!

Sam is currently lying in my bed "scared" from the storm. Sometimes I wish she didn't know words like "scare". I put her to bed when minutes later I hear little footsteps and this sweet little voice saying, "Mommy, scare me." It was precious. I put her back to bed and tried to explain to her that there was nothing to be scared about.....that God gave us rain and lightning and thunder. She was so sweet and let me leave. But, it wasn't but a minute later that I hear, "lightning scare me." OK, why do I tell her words like that....umph?

She is finally nodding off after several threats of sending her back to her bedroom.

My Sami is growing up.......things like storms scare her now.....they once were a sweet blessing of extra sleep.

On a different brother and SIL are currently in the hospital possibly having their baby. She is in labor though maybe only very early labor so we are still waiting to see if they will keep her! I can't wait to meet my new nephew, Carson (I'm not going to tell you his middle name) Mullins.

Not much to post on the personal front. This weekend was pretty lame as far as posts go.....lots of laziness, which means we enjoyed spending time with one another.

Oh, you can still be praying for Sam.....she is still complaining of her stomach hurting. We have taken her back for her blood draw and are awaiting those results. I had to reschedule the ultrasound so we don't have any info from that yet. I will let you know if we find anything out. I feel bad for my poor girl.

I am getting excited about the holiday season. I think I have prepared enough in advance that the busyness of the season won't spoil the true celebration. Can't wait to enjoy some time with the fam! (we will be missing one crew though and I am truly sad!)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What are we ignoring?

I have, for some time, had something in my head that I just haven't been able to get out into words and make sense of. I ran across this post and think it expresses those ideas floating wildly in my head quite wonderfully. This is one of the most profound, thought provoking and telling posts I have read in a long time. I recommend you take a minute and read it.

Disclaimer: As I have poked around through the rest of her site, I am not in agreement with all that she writes. Regardless, this post spoke volumes and I felt it was worthy of passing on.

Friday, November 7, 2008

So incredibly FANTASTIC!

OK, so that may be a bit of a dramatic title for this post but are going to be AMAZED!

How annoying is it when you go to a birthday party or get together to open presents at Christmas and the kids can't even play with the toys for over an hour because that's how long it takes to open the stinkin' packages! It is sooo frustrating! Clam shells, wire ties, zip ties galore!

Something wonderful has happened to combat this.....wait for it, wait for it......

Frustration-Free Packaging

Can I get an AMEN! Amazon has started offering some of their products in a box.....that's it.....just a box! WoW! How cool is that! Unfortunately the list is quite small right now but they say they are expanding it to include many more items! This alone would get me to buy from Amazon! (I really don't need another reason though......Amazon is wonderful......especially with their free shipping and fantastic prices!)

Just thought you might want to know : )

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Today has certainly been interesting.....I will get to that later.

I wanted to apologize to those of you who are faithful readers. I needed a blog break. I was burnt out and just needed a breather! I know I don't write all that often but sometimes I just feel obligated and so uninteresting and it just stresses me out! That said, I am back.

I have been meaning to post about Saturday night since then but, like I said, I needed a break. This past Saturday was the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. We were walking in honor of a 4 year old little girl, Jordan Flint, who is battling Leukemia. Unfortunately she was in the hospital and wasn't able to come. She has been having a really hard time this past week and I would love it if you would just lift up a little prayer for her. She is really enduring soooo much and it breaks my heart.

(there's me and Sam in the middle. to the right is my Mom. on the far left are Jordan's parents)

The walk was absolutely amazing. Team Jordan had 125 walkers! WoW! That is incredible. We were THE biggest team there. Team Jordan raised $45,058! Can you believe that.......ONE team!

Our family was a little nutso. We brought both of our kiddos and Mom & Dad brought 4 other grand kids with us. Needless to say it got a little crazy at times! 6 kids, 4 do the math!

I have still been doing a little crafting.....just on a roll I guess.....I get like that.....I get in moods and run with it for a bit. I have some things I still need to take pictures of but here is one of the latest creations. Have you ever heard of BabyLegs? They are basically just leg warmers but they are so cute. You can put them on a baby to make diaper changes much easier than pants. You can put them in BabyLegs to keep their little knees protected while crawling. You can also use them for bigger kiddos (like Sam) as tights! There are numerous ways to use them but I think one of my favorites......on my arms. you can where a T and then pull these up under them and it looks like you have on a long sleeve shirt under the T! SO COOL! (and easy to remove if you get HOT!) ANYWAY, I made some! Aren't they cute. There are so many cute knee high socks available right now so I am taking advantage! (that's all you need....a pair of knee high socks and a sewing machine!)

Yesterday I got the crud.....whatever is going around....and it was no cold.....the other stuff! YUCK! Thankfully all is better today! Sam got lots of TV time yesterday! What do ya do with a 2 year old when you're in bed all day?

As for today......UGH! First off, I was giving the kids a bath.....actually, Sam was in the bath and I was about to put Spencer in when something spooked the dog. She ran right over Spence.....I mean paw on the chest and all! Little Man has a perfect paw mark left from her claws right in the middle of his chest! Of course I freaked.....broken ribs?.....punctured lung? name it.....whatever horrible stuff I could think of! This is a HUGE dog pouncing on a 17 lb baby ya know! Drama aside, I think everything is fine. I kept pushing on his chest all day to make sure he wouldn't scream.....I'm sure he really appreciated that.

Preface: Sam got a massive, nasty blister on her ankle on Halloween night.

After getting Sam out of the tub I started drying her off when all of a sudden, she flipped out! Stink! I accidentally scraped the scab off from her blister. It started bleeding again and apparently from her reaction was quite painful! It was seriously an ordeal all day. This girl doesn't let you forget about stuff like that.

Later, she was playing outside when I heard a scream.....not one of those....I'm fine, I'm just whining screams but the scream that makes you run! When I got to her, I found her pants hung at the crotch on the horseshoe stake in our backyard. She was on her hands and feet with her behind in the air. I actually started laughing because the sight was quite amusing!

I got her unhooked.....not in any hurry until she started going crazy.......screaming, " BUG, BUG, BUG". I couldn't figure out what she meant. I was looking all around and I didn't see anything. She kept grabbing her feet and saying, "BUG, BUG, BUG." Finally I looked back over at the area where her hands and feet had been and it was swarming with fire ants. I flipped up her pants and there were ants crawling on her feet. I stripped her down and made sure they were all gone but they had already bit all over her hands and feet. POOR GIRL! I got her inside and they just started swelling up so big. I made a baking soda and water paste and covered each bite. It seemed to kill the swelling, the itch and the sting! WOOHOO!

After we got inside, I was filling up her sippy when she started going nuts again.....screaming, "BUG, BUG, BUG" again! I kept reassuring her that I got all the bugs off her and that everything was fine. Once she backed up I was able to see a bee lying on the kitchen floor, not yet dead but heading that way! SERIOUSLY! This poor girl has had a rough day!

And I leave you with this..................

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Blog Makeover

Just thought you might want to check out my latest blog makeover. I did this for a friend who wanted something new and fun! There are a few kinks but Jenna wanted it up so bad that she didn't want me to take the time to work them out! What do ya think?

Fall stuff

I have been trying to get a post up but for some reason I have had trouble uploading pics. Ugh! This a long post with a bunch of pictures but should get you updated.

Sam all decked out in pumpkin gear. I got this sweat suit (it came with pants) for $1.50 brand new! She LOVES pumpkins so she thought it was sooo cool.

Well, I guess I did pass on one bad trait. She is NOSY! The lady next door was outside talking on the phone......she HAD to know what was going on so she was checking things out through the fence. She was so proud of herself because she found a knot in the wood that made a perfect peep hole. Little stinker.
We took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch on Halloween. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.
I really didn't get many great pics.....they weren't the most willing participants.
The best I could get of the 3 of them.

I know this picture is small but it is a fantastic representation of Little Missy's attitude at the Pumpkin Patch.

This is the best picture I could get of the 2 of them. Like I said, it wasn't the best photo shoot : ) I think Sami is so tired of being my model.....not too much cooperation anymore.

She was so excited about petting a real horse!

She gave Baby Bop a hug and kiss!

We went to the Fall Festival at our church for Halloween. Pretty much all Sam wanted to do was jump in the bounce house! Doesn't she look cute...... even though she was unwilling to let me take her picture! There were a BUNCH of bees this year!

Our Little Sweet Pea

ya, Little Man was snoozin' during the Fall Festival....oh well

Josh bought Sami these shoes and she has wanted to wear her punkin shoes everywhere.

Such a cutie!
Ahhh, sweet sleep!
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