Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Perspectives

I'M BACK!!!!

Returning with new eyes and a new perspective. I don't know how I ignored this for so long. Public bathrooms are GROSS!!!!!! I am an expert hoverer and flush with my foot so cleanliness of public restrooms hasn't really been an issue. It is now. Over the past week I have been exposed to a plethora of public restrooms and have seen them many more times than I ever wanted.

I have come to realize that offering those toilet seat cover thingies is really a public service. There should be instructions with them though. I mean, how are you supposed to tear out the center of that thing without ripping it all to shreds? And then, on the fifth try when you finally get the center torn out, which direction should it go? Should that thing fall to the front or to the back? And once you get it on the seat, how do you keep it from sliding off into the toilet? It must take practice to get that thing on the seat and then throw your child up there before it goes sliding off. Couldn't they have added sticky tabs or something?

Automatic flush present a whole other problem. While you are getting your seat cover all situated it apparently thinks you are going potty because the minute you stand up to place your kiddo on the potty, the stupid thing flushes and off goes the seat cover! Oh my! It must have been a sight! I am pretty sure I was sweating by the time I got done with the whole ordeal.

Automatic flush and children just do not mix. Somehow it failed to get the right timing at least three times while in the stall and one of those times just happened to be the second I set Sam up there! I don't know about you but the noise those things make could make me jump.....to a 2 year old it is just plain frightening! Not to mention the whoosh of air across your toosh accompanying the noise. The fear on her face was so sad. I don't know that I ever expected to be comforting my princess while she was sitting on her porcelain throne. And yet, there I stood hugging her in the Walmart stall, trying to convince her that everything was going to be OK so that she would do her duty there instead of in her seat on the car ride home.

These are not all of the problems associated with the freedom of a toddler in panties. 1) she feels obligated to check out every single restroom at every location we visit and 2) she wants to go to each one like 10 times. While having dinner at The Wooden Nickle, she must have convinced me to take her 6 times. I am sure I will grow out of this with experience but right now I am afraid not to take her when she asks. Inevitably the time I chose not to take her would be the time she really needed to go and I would be left with an embarrassing mess! No less, we are thankful for the end of diapers for one child!

The internet picked a good time to go...... pretty uneventful around here. It has been really nice..... Josh got home late Thursday night and isn't leaving until tomorrow! We all love it when he is home so this has been a real treat. He does have to go to McKinney today but we are going with him and are planning to stop by Stonebriar Centre to ride the carousel and let Sam play in the soft play area. This should be fun!

One thing that did happen this weekend was the start of Josh's Fantasy Football. They had a draft on Sunday and because he won last year he was presented with a trophy. Yes, you heard that right, a trophy. Seriously, who needs a Fantasy Football trophy? And this is a serious trophy, names engraved and everything ...... Josh thinks it is cool! It's actually pretty comical! In reality this is a significant event for our family......this marks the beginning of less Josh time.....that time will now be devoted to the NFL, namely the Cowboys. Go Cowboys! (did that sound positive?, see Mom, I'm being positive)

Just had to show you this picture of Spence.....poor guy....Samara ALWAYS has to give him his paci, whether he wants it or not and today she also put a bracelet on him. You think she will coax him into playing dress-up with her? (Probably only when Dad's not home)

Glad to be back! (my Dad says this is my outlet, to keep my family sane.....and that includes him)

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