Sunday, September 14, 2008

Procrastination was one of those moments where you are supposed to be mad and stern with your kiddos but it is so stinkin' hard because you are trying desperately not to laugh. I failed tonight and not only laughed at Sami's antics but I also woke up Spencer in the process!

So, Josh left town tonight right before Sam's bedtime. He has been here for almost a week and a half so I didn't expect things to go too well. She was pretty fussy so I put her down about 7:30. Usually she will open the door a time or two trying to procrastinate but tonight, WOW! It must have been like 15 times. She wanted me to tell her goodnight, close her door, get her more juice, etc. each time she opened the door. The second to last time I told her that she better go get in bed and if she opened the door again, she was getting a spankin'! (typically this is all it takes to get her to mind)

I hear her in her room talking to herself (which is not unusual) but then I hear the door creep open and she says "S-A-M-I" and then, "S-A-M-I" louder and then, "Mommy, S-A-M-I" with total excitement! It was hilarious! She knew that I would be so proud of her that I wouldn't be able to smack her! She was right! I tried to just pretend like I couldn't hear her while I was in the living room cracking up but after about the 10th, "Mommy S-A-M-I" at the top of her lungs I thought I better tell her "good job!" in hopes that she would just shut the door and go to worked!

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Jenna said...

HAHA! Have you been working with her on this? Too cute!! I still remember when Zoey started spelling her name, how adorable!

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