Friday, September 12, 2008

Party Preparations

4:30.....that's what time I got up this morning! Little Man woke up hungry and then Sam came in about 5:15! UGH! Guess God is just giving me more time to get things done!

It's now been 7 days and can I tell you life is just different without a camera! I still can't find the darn thing! Seriously I think I have lost 1/2 of my brain since getting prego with Sami. There have been sooo many photo ops and NO camera! I have used my camera phone and the still shot on my video camera to catch a couple of things but it isn't the same! I might go crazy if I don't find it soon!

Maddie(the dog) is AWESOME! In fact, she is Sami's new "seat"! She has THE best temperament. She is wonderful with the kiddos and doesn't even try to snatch table food or dig through the trash. The only complaint I have is that she likes to pull when you take her for a walk.

It feels funny to blog without pics......hopefully that won't last too long.

Well, this week has been pretty crazy getting ready for Sam's party on Saturday. I did get a nice surprise in the middle of the week though. I was pretty much stressing out about getting everything done but Josh took Sam to Oklahoma with him Wednesday and they got home yesterday. He has been wanting to take us up there to meet his customers and since it would work out for both of us for her to go, he took her! We were both nervous but she did great! Josh has become good friends with one of his customers and occasionally stays at his house when he travels. He has a 5 year old little boy so Josh thought it would be fun to stay the night there! Apparently Sami had a blast! She went on her first 4-wheeler ride (which she would not have been able to do if I had been there). It was so sweet when she got home and her face lit up when she saw me!

Oh, cool huh! Right there, over there, up there......these are just a few of her newest phrases! I know I have said this a thousand times but she is FUNNY! I have never had any one thing/person make me soooo happy and soooo mad! It's amazing what kids can do to you!

I have been baking and mixing and mixing and mixing the past couple of days preparing the cake for Sam's party. I will let you know how it turns out once I finish today once I am done decorating.


Lindsey said...

Hope you don't mind if I follow your blog. I read a post you made awhile back about abortion, and I just feel if you say it how it is... then I'm interested! I love that the dog is a seat (us too!)...

Kimberly said...

I've been baking and decorating all week as well for the girls first birthday party tomorrow (well, today).

The cake didn't turn out like I wanted but it's still kind of cute. Why do I put such pressure on myself?

Hope your party is good. Hope you find your camera before the party so you'll have pictures to post.

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