Thursday, September 4, 2008

Outside, here we come!

FINALLY this week has been nice enough to take Sami outside to play! Hooray! You have no idea how exciting this is!

Today Mom had Balin so I thought I would take Sam over there to play.....bad idea. Just recently Mom took out the crib and bunk beds in the kids room and put in a twin bed to cut down on the clutter. Apparently Sami was not happy with this new arrangement and refused to take a nap. Sami without a nap = monster! This was the craziest day! Mom says she isn't answering the phone the next time I call when Balin is there!

They are partners in crime!

Outside they were throwing sand all over each other and in Mom's fountain.....they were eating rocks and throwing rocks.....they were turning on the water hose and trying to put the phones in the fountain!

What? I didn't do anything!

Then once they got inside it got even crazier. Mom & I heard them doing something in her bathroom so she went and checked and said they had crawled into her big deal.....we thought maybe that would keep them entertained for a while. It wasn't too much longer that Sam comes strolling into the living room with coins in her mouth. Mom got them out and went to put them back in my Dad's change bucket and found a big surprise. They had change ALL OVER the bathroom floor. Apparently they had been grabbing it by the handfuls and just throwing it! Wow! It continued after that with fruit loops all over the floor, drawing with marker on their name it, they were doing it! AAAHHHHH! I probably should call Mom and make sure that she is still alive after all of that!

Gotta love toddlers!

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