Friday, September 5, 2008

The Divine Switcharoo

We have a HUGE praise! It has been so amazing watching God work this out. We found a home for Foxy and have also found a new member for our family, Maddie.

At the beginning of the week I had someone contact me about adopting Foxy. (and this was the first inquiry that wasn't a scam....weird, I know) After a long exchange of e-mails we both felt comfortable with Foxy making her new home with her. She is a student at UNT and lives in an apartment......Foxy is an excellent apartment dog. She has another small dog so Foxy will have a friend to play with. We will be taking her tomorrow to drop her off. Oh my goodness this is going to be so hard but I feel soooo blessed that we were able to find her a good home where I know she will be loved and treated like a part of the family.

After finding Foxy a home I felt OK with looking for a new dog. BUT I am picky and didn't expect to find anything for quite some time. While we would have adopted from a rescue we didn't really want to. Our ideal situation was to find someone who had to give up their beloved pet for one reason or another. I wanted them to have had small children so we would know their temperament. Usually if you are able to find this situation they will give you all of their belongings which is a big deal for us because we have NO large dog stuff and that can be a fairly large expense. I knew it was going to be next to impossible to find this but we wanted to make a wise decision and this was what we felt would work out best for us. We also were really wanting to find a Golden Retriever because of their reputation with children, though I was quite nervous about the hair.

God has worked things out more perfectly than I could have planned!

While looking on Petfinder I found a classified for a golden/lab mix that sounded like the perfect dog for our family.

Maddie is a FANTASTIC family dog. Great with kids (even with my daughter when she was an infant) of all ages, and loves to be indoors. She is house trained, and is past the chewing/digging stage. Sadly, my husband received orders and we cannot take her on this move. She would do great with either elderly as an "inside" dog, or with a family with children. She thrives off of lots of attention, as she's in a home with a SAHM right now. Will accept any good homes, she must go soon, we move in the next few months. She will come with all of her things, including an Igloo and a travel kennel. Make me an offer!

I just knew she was going to be gone. I e-mailed the owner and lo and behold she was still available! Come to find out they have a little girl only a month younger than Samara and they had the dog while she was an an infant! This seemed too good to be true. BUT, they live in Abilene and I had no idea when we would have a chance to get there! I talked to Josh about it and guess what.....he was coming home through Abilene from his trip this week!!!! Seriously???? God most certainly heard all of the prayers for us! Thank you! It was so cool to tell Maddie's mommy that this was an answer to prayers and her e-mail back saying, "Praise the Lord, this is an answer to prayers for us as well!"

We are so excited! (and sad about Foxy). Josh is on his way home with Maddie right now so I will let you know how it is in a day or two!

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Anonymous said...

I am so sad about Foxy, but it sounds like she is going to the perfect home for her.
Maddie is beautiful! I am hoping she is the perfect fit. Sounds like two other families were made very happy by this whole exchange too!

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