Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mean Mommy!

I am getting very tired of not having any pictures to post but even more tired of not having my camera when I need it! Just to make you happy I decided to look at some recent videos to see if there were any worth showing. I found one that I (as you will be able to tell) think is pretty funny! I must preface the video by telling you that this was a complete accident on her part and the only reason I even saw her was because she was crying and yelling for my help. I am such a mean Mom and went and got the camera instead of helping her! What can I say?

I am exhausted tonight. I don't know if it's because of the day or if I am getting sick! Sami has been telling me for over a week now that her ear hurts. I never know what is real and what is "play" so I shrugged it off because there haven't been any other symptoms.....UNTIL TODAY! It was obvious that she did not feel well today so I decided to take her to the doc. He says he thinks she has a virus on top of her bad allergies! UGH! Apparently she is not the only one....I have heard of at least 3 families with sick folk! Is it that time again?

The weather has been AMAZING! Yesterday we spent most of the day outside. Sam, Spencer, Maddie and I took a walk around the park. Once we got home I put Spencer to bed and Sam, Maddie and I went back outside! I was actually surprised that she had any energy left after the park......oh to be little again!

She made me laugh yesterday when the old people across the street got home. The old lady comes over occasionally and visits so, Sam has gotten to know her a bit. When they pulled in the driveway Sam yelled, "PAWPAW!" I guess she thinks all old people have the same name!

Please pray that the medication they gave us for Sami helps heal her.....it makes me sad when she feels bad, plus it was soooo expensive!

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Lindsey said...

So glad you are having nice weather and can enjoy the outdoors! That's so refreshing, huh!? :)

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