Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's up with Reagan?

So, what's going on with me right now?

Well, I am keeping up with 2 kiddos. Sam is still having some "sickness" and if it continues I will be taking her in for some testing. I am ready to deal with all this GI stuff......figure out what's going on. You can be praying about that. Oh....and Sam has been having LOTS of accidents. We think it may have to do with her bathroom sickness issues but please pray that she does not go back to diapers.

I am spending TONS of time outside with Sam and Maddie treasuring the wonderful weather.

I am enjoying Josh while he is home....which hasn't been much lately. I am amazed at how AWESOME he is at his job. Currently he is looking at a minimum of 2 months far exceeding his projected goals. Sales is hard but he makes it look like a piece of cake. God has really given Josh a gift and I am so blessed to have God work out his career so that he is able to use that gift on a daily basis. He is an INCREDIBLE speaker and I am praying that God will open up doors for him to use that gift as well.

I am trying to think of anything around this house I can sell to save up and buy that camera I am DYING for. I still have not found old faithful so I must buy something soon.....why waste any money on anything less than my dream?

We are in the process of completely making over our backyard.....not out of desire but out of necessity. We made a decision to drain and remove our pool for safety reasons. Between Foxy and the pool; my stress level was out of control. Worrying about a toddler and their antics is enough.....adding anything else is just silly. Finding Foxy a new home has been SUCH a relief. Now, to get rid of the nice it will be. Stepping out of the shower to a quiet house immediately turned my mind to my daughter floating in the pool.....not something to think about daily.

I am working on a Home Management Binder. I have been wanting to do this for some time and am finally getting around to actually doing it. I will post more about that when I am finished.

I am working through a Bible Study called "Seeking Him" by Nancy Leigh Demoss with some wonderful sisters. I am involved in a book club which is reading "Ruthless Trust" by Brennan Manning and am reading "Creative Counterpart" by Linda Dillow on my own.

My blogroll is steadily growing to a ridiculous number.....there are so many great blogs out there. I have found soooo many cool projects to make.....FUN!

I am working (slowly but surely) on improving this blog. If you have any suggestions I am open. I am also considering starting another blog.

Josh is enjoying the COWBOYS!

I am currently praying for healing for lots of people around me and am so THANKFUL that we are healthy (for the most part) at this house!

I am not watching any of the political debates because my mind has already been made.....I will be voting for life!

I am blessed!

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