Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Law of Datelessness

Are you aware that dates are completely irrelevant to a stay-at-home Mom? It is the strangest phenomenon.

I can look at a calendar and yet all I see is....Doc appt next Tues., Date night 3 Fridays from now, _______'s B-Day next Thursday!

You can rest assured that if I have not added your event to my calendar, it will be forgotten. And that even applies to dates that I know that I know that I know(those are the WORST) because I actually have no idea of today's date.

And God forbid (really) that I don't peek at my calendar, you can bet that I will miss something. It has, it seems, become part of my brain.

I am certain I have forgotten more events in my 18 or so months as a SAHM than in all of my life. I know I have received the judgement of, "she stays at's not like she is too busy to call, be here, shoot an e-mail, etc." and yet, it is not about that at all.

I am trying something new. An online calendar that will text message me events a week, day, hour ahead of time! Too bad I actually have to remember to add the events to the calendar.

Before staying home full time you could not have convinced me that it would be this way. I would have said it was all excuses.......that you would remember the things that are important to you. Oh, I remember the date, but dates are irrelevant.......tell me a day and I will be golden!


Jenna and Mosin Haider said...

What on earth are you doing posting at 3 am?! Goodness! I am in the EXACTLY same shoes with my calendar. I tell you, that bunch of papers hanging on the wall seems to control my life! I forgot to change a date on my calandar and almost cashed a check from my mom two weeks in advance! WHOOPS!!

BlondeBlogger said...
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Anonymous said...

I never look at my calendar until I get a fearful feeling that I have forgotten something. Then I look and,well, I have. Usually something like my mother-in-law's 50th B-day that Troy never reminded me of. I have the day, but the date will NEVER be remembered!

ruth.kern said...

I have the same problem but I can't attribute it to being a mom. Mine's due to working nights now. This means not only do I not know the date, but I'm never quite sure what day of the week it is either.

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