Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Color Pumpkin

The dog is amazing but that's not why I'm writing.....I will update you more on that when I can find my stinkin' camera!

I just had to tell you this because it is FUNNY(at least it is to a Momma)! So, I have been working on Sam's colors. Well, actually we have been working on them for a long time but not as much as recently. I try to emphasize one thing at a time and she usually initiates whatever we work on. She is counting from 1-10, knows a few of her shapes (heart and star.....of course she couldn't have done circle or square first) and can spell her name so I guess she decided she wanted to work on colors now. The funny thing is that we have been reading a Barney book on colors for some time now and the color orange has a picture of a pumpkin. Apparently she is a little confused.......when I ask her what color ______ is, she will say, "red?...., orange?......., pumpkin?" It makes me laugh EVERY time. I have tried to tell her that pumpkin is not a color but she is determined!

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