Saturday, September 27, 2008

Keeping God in Smiles

As I drove away, child screaming in the rear of the car, I was struck by the connection. Is this not how God feels about His children?

Since becoming a parent I have constantly been amazed by the likeness of God’s love for us and our love for our children. This was certainly no accident on God’s part; knowing that most of His children would come to know the love in the heart of a parent; another opportunity to reveal himself all the more. No matter the amount of times I am reminded that God’s love for us far exceeds the love we have for our own children…..each time I am taken aback….delighted at the thought. The clarity in this connection is insurmountable.

As I strolled the aisles of Target, a battle began….a battle of wills. Sam was not getting her way and she was letting all know. Her shrieking, tears and all out drama were lost on no one. Choosing to spare the other shoppers, we made our way to the car where the battle spiraled out of control. Not even discipline could break this gal. Screams continued to flood the car for a good 20 minutes until she realized that her efforts were unsuccessful; falling on deaf ears(or so I made her believe).

It was during this screaming session that God whispered in my ear…..”this is you, my dear.” And so I began to associate my feelings for Sami to God’s feelings for me.

I realized that during all of this “fit throwing” I never once loved her any less… fact, that never even crossed my mind. However, I most assuredly was not enjoying her at the moment. Oh, how many times have I left God unable to enjoy his daughter?

And isn’t it the parent that cares for the child and guides and disciplines because they know best? Why is it that I am so arrogant to think that I know better than God? Why do we fight so hard for what we want when we know God is wiser? If I can take any hints from my daughter, it has something to do with a strong will.

I have to tell you that perspective has made all the difference once again. God will ALWAYS love me, no matter how foolish, arrogant and selfish I act. God may NOT always enjoy me! Off to work on keeping God in smiles!

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