Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Cool Cuts 4 Kids

Oh wait.....I thought of something......Cool Cuts 4 Kids. I wanted to get Sami's hair cut today. Jenna, Maddie's X-Mommy, posted a before & after of her little 23 month old. WOW is all I can say. It inspired me.

I have been procrastinating .....I am afraid of a bad cut. Josh is adamant that if I get it cut it has to be a swing bob (which is good because that's what I like also). Anyway, this is a hard cut to do and I am so terrified that she is going to have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad haircut! (if you can call the reference you get a cookie ; )

I needed to go to 1/2 Price Books today and guess what is also in the same shopping center.....Cool Cuts 4 Kids. I figured I ought to just give 'em a chance. I showed up.....not a single person acknowledged that we were there. How nice!

There were like 6 kids ahead of her, 1 person cutting hair and 1 person styling hair (weird!). Anyway..... one of the people waiting had an "appointment" but apparently all that really means is that when you get there, you are the next in line. She finally asked someone when she might get her "turn" and explained she had an appointment. You would have thought she just put this lady in her place the way she was she pleasant! YIPEE.....I was excited to get my kid in her chair!

Oh my! I was outta there! Soooooo, no haircut for Sami today!

Does anyone know of a good stylist that cuts a mad swing bob?


Jenna and Mosin Haider said...

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Where's my cookie?! Can I opt for a pumpkin spice one?! ;) I don't really have any recommendations on hair places, I always do my girls hair. Good luck though! I'm sure a non-kids hair salon would whip something up for her just as good though! Good luck!

Reagan Martin said...

You go girl....I'll get that cookie in the mail right away!

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