Sunday, July 6, 2008

This weekend

Well, we had a wonderful 4th! We went out to Joey & Melissa's in Fort Worth. They live across the street from Eagle Mountain Lake on a little hill. This made for a fantastic evening of fireworks, not to mention the fireworks that were going off in the driveway. I don't know if I have ever seen Joey happier than that night shooting fireworks! It was making me laugh....he was like a little kid on Christmas morning! We just hung out, let the kids play and cooked was great! I have pictures but they are on Joey's camera so I will post when I get them.

Yesterday we made the great-grandparent rounds. Both Josh's grandma and my grandparents are too old to get out and come to the hospital for the birth so we took him to them. Of course they were super excited to see us.....and thought he was precious!

We went to church today! It actually went really well. Spencer cooperated and I was able to feed before we left the house and then in between Sunday School and the main could not have worked out any nicer. I took him to SS and service and he slept through both so he was wonderful for me! YEAH!!!!

Samara still hasn't been feeling well. Josh & I are really getting concerned. She has continued to fuss about her "tee-tee." We really don't know what she is referring to at this point because there is no rash and we have already done a urine culture to see if she had a UTI. We are just ready to figure all this out. Please be praying that we can get to the bottom of this. We are waiting on some test results right now to help us figure this out. Not feeling well coupled with her jealousy has made for some long and draining days.

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