Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sweet & Sour

This is the description of my kiddos right now! One is oh so sweet and the other is, well, SOUR!

Is there something you do when you are stressed? One of those yucky habits that pops up generally only during the stressful periods in your life? Well, I do, and it is biting my nails! I don't know if I will have any fingernails, or tooth enamel, for that matter, left after this period in my life.

I am beginning to wonder if Satan himself has made his home in my Samara's sweet little body. She has been a terror. Would you like a short list of her new behaviors?

- Hitting, kicking, slapping, hurting me, Spence and foxy. (she hasn't done this as much to Josh)
- Taking plates of food, looking me right in the eye and dumping it onto the floor.
- Feeding Foxy (which she knows she isn't supposed to do)
- Getting dog food out of Foxy's bowl, bringing it into the living room and throwing it across the room
- Splashing or simply pouring water out of the tub.....soaking the floor
- Waking in the middle of the night and not going back to sleep for hours
- Fighting bedtime
- Throwing my computer on the floor
- Crying about EVERYTHING
- Wanting Josh to hold her every single second
- Anything and everything she knows she isn't supposed to do while I am nursing Spence

Ok, so that isn't everything, and I know that it is all very normal but it is making me CRAZY! I am so at a loss. I have put her in time out so many times I am beginning to wonder if she enjoys it. I don't know if I am supposed to cut her slack right now because of the circumstance or stay firm and consistent, disciplining her for anything I normally would. AAAHHHHH! I feel sorry for her.....I know how hard this must be but I am about to pull my hair out. I am praying that she will get adjusted sooner than later. This might all be a little easier if Josh were here all the time but having to do this all by myself is tiring.....not to mention difficult when I am trying to tend to him and discipline her.

I honestly don't know how single Mom's do it. You are amazing!

It would be nice if I could fast forward, but I really don't want to miss this super sweet newborn stuff anyway. I know I will be wishing I had this time back once it has past.

Soooo, enough of that.....sorry.

We actually got out and walked to the park this morning and let Samara play for a little while. (until we were run off by this stray, unfriendly looking, dog) I am sure she enjoyed the time outside of the house (except for the nasty fall that gave her a fat lip)!

Oh yes, I got the test results back for Sam and everything came back negative, meaning it is not a bacterial infection (salmonella, etc.). So, he suggested I take her off of everything dairy to see if that is the problem. If that doesn't solve the problem we will be going to a stomach doctor to have her evaluated and blood tests run. Please pray that we can nip this in the bud.

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