Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nothing New

Not much to report. Life is still pretty dull being tied down to the house. I think we are all getting a bit stir crazy. I have been rather diligent in searching for activites for Sam and I to enjoy so that she isn't begging for my attention by getting into trouble. The unfortunate thing about this age is their extremely short attention spans....the fortunate thing is that they really don't care about what kind of paper, colors or stickers you give them.

Little Man is getting quite plump.....not a big surprise considering how much he consumes.....still eating like each meal is his last!

Went to Mom's again today to let the kids play. She was not nice today......thankfully Balin is pretty easy-going. You should keep in mind while watching that Samara absolutley HATES water in her is a fight just to get her hair washed!

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