Thursday, July 24, 2008

Akiane: Fantastically Amazing!

While working at Mardel I would occasionally read the magazines we sold while taking lunch. I came across an article in "Christianity Today" about a young artist who claimed her artwork was inspired by God. I was immediately drawn to this because of my love for art and my respect for the talented.

Somehow I recalled seeing a book in our biography section about this girl. I had never paid much attention to it before.....I couldn't possibly have looked through each book that we carried. I found it again and checked it out. I raced through it! It was fascinating. Her life story is obviously a testimony to the ability of God to work the supernatural in this world. Her artwork is absolutely gorgeous.....her skill and the maturity of her content are amazing!

Not long after all of that she appeared on the Oprah show. While searching for something else, I ran across her again today. You may have seen her before but if not, she is worth checking out.

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