Sunday, July 13, 2008

A correction!

OOOPS!!!!!!! So, Josh is really 29! Look, I can't even remember how old I am I supposed to remember how old someone else is? Sorry Babe!

We didn't do much of anything on J's b-day. The Davis' ordered us pizza so we just hung out at the house and ate pizza. By the way.....our Sunday School class is amazing. They have all signed up to bring us dinner 3 days a week for a whole stinkin' month! We are blessed!

Saturday morning Josh helped the Ulrich's move into their new home. When he got home from that we went out to his brother's to let the kids play. Samara stayed the night there for the first time! This was the first time she has stayed the night at anyone's house(except for the grandparents). Apparently she went to sleep ok but woke up several times during the night. Joey said she kept asking for something but he couldn't figure out what it was. There is no telling.....she is incredibly ritualistic and could have been upset because things weren't like they are at home (she HAS to have 2 pacis, her blankie & her juice before she will go to bed here). Overall I think things went great for her first sleepover! Thanks for being the guinne pigs Uncle Joey & Aunt Mimi!

Having Sam taken care of, we went over to Mom & Dad's who were hosting a poker tournament for my brother and all his friends. I didn't play but Josh did.....he did not end up doing too good, though we did had fun!

Samara is still having a really hard time with the baby. She is still mad at me. It kinda hurts my feelings but I know how hard this must be for her. She had a difficult time with Daddy leaving I am praying that things are not miserable this week.

Josh is still having a rough time dealing with all that is going on and I just ask that you would continue to pray.

For those who are wondering, I am still CVS'ing. Things haven't been quite as fun lately but I am happy with my purchases today. I spent less than $5 and saved over $170. Here is what I got:

Dad is always making fun of me for getting stuff I don't need but there is always someone who can use it and I will be giving lots of it away. Speaking of that....I will get my give-away list up again looking out for it.

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