Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dog Girl!

Ok, so, weird title I know.....for an equally weird child! I don't suppose you would know she was ours if she wasn't a little bit off her rocker!

Last night I was sitting in the living room and here comes Sam running in with her hand full, munching on something. She runs over and jumps in her Daddy's chair and just starts going to town on her snack. I start thinking, "I know I didn't give her a snack, what could I have left within reach?" And then it dawns on me.....it's dog food. I go over to her and lo and behold she had a handful of dog food, chowing down as if it were skittles! GROSSSSSS!!!!!!!

I got smart.....I put the dog food on the washer. This morning she goes into the laundry room and I think "haha, no dog food, now what?" Unfortunately she had an answer! She comes out with her face covered in water and says, "drink?" WOW!

I thought we HAD to be done with the dog imitations until I took her outside this afternoon. Foxy was, as most dogs do, sniffing around. I look over and there is Sam, down on her hands and knees with her face buried in the grass!

Never underestimate a child! They will ALWAYS amaze you!

As you can see from these pictures, the dog's food and water have been an issue for a LONG time now. All of the other stuff is new! These stupid bowls have been such an issue and have migrated all over the house searching for a home. She goes through phases as far as wanting to eat it. Before now she has at least tried to hide it. Last night she just didn't care! (I just bought Foxy a new type of food....apparently it is good!)

For those of you who haven't met our furocious Foxy.....here she is.....minus the attack dog barking if she doesn't know you!

Oh boy....as I was looking for a pic of Fox to share, I came across this video and just had to share. This is a video of Foxy & our old cat playing......I bet Foxy is missing Psycho right now!

Josh married into Psycho & never did come to like her.....we ended up getting rid of her after we came home & found this.....

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