Thursday, July 17, 2008

Funny stuff!

SO I had to daughter is so stinkin' funny! It cracks me up that she has names for everyone (including herself). I think I have told you that she named herself Sammie and she is SET on Sammie. She calls my nephew Balin, Bay. The newest one, which is no doubt the most funny is her name for my brother Matt....Hat. Yep, and she is dead set on this one also. We have all tried to get her to say Matt and have done the whole....Mmmm-att thing and this is what she does.....Mmmmm Hat! It is hilarious! I guess it is even funnier because Matt is a goofball and is just a big kid and this just fits him!

I also wanted to share a very special picture with you....this may very well be THE first time Sam has voluntarily looked at the camera and smiled. In the 22 months that I have been taking pictures of her, not once has she smiled at the camera (at least not on purpose). For whatever reason she was really a ham this day. She was making me laugh because she was all posing and smiling and everything! It was one extreme to the other. (so I asked her if she wanted to fix her hair for the pictures and she got all excited and said, "yes." We went and fixed her hair and then I started trying to take more and she got all mad and wouldn't take anymore, go figure!)

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