Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Great Weekend!

Well, last night the Daugherty's brought us dinner (yes, we are still on the dinner rounds from Spencer's birth....WOW) so we got to spend some time with them and Isabella. It seems like we haven't really been able to hang out with friends in so long so that was nice to be able to enjoy some fellowship with them again!

This morning we went to a birthday party at Leapin' Lizards that Samara was invited to! Her first real birthday party......kind of sad that she is that grown up already! Josh and I both had a blast running through the bounce houses with her. And then, they gave her a cup of red fruit punch and it was all over. Josh was worried about how she would do with a cup and I told him she would be fine. Boy was I wrong! She dumped it all over her lap.

Can I just tell you that spirited children do not enjoy wet clothes or the red streaked stain that is left on their skin from fruit punch running down their leg. (I am learning.....she is spirited, not strong-willed or difficult :) I ended up taking her to the bathroom and stripping her down.....I couldn't very well take her back out there naked so I left her shirt on but there was NO way I was getting those shorts back on. They are currently soaking in Oxy Clean....that fruit punch is crazy, it even stained her skin!

After a long nap (and my AWESOME trips to CVS and Walgreen's) we took her over to the Madis'. They are so sweet and thoughtful and instead of bringing us dinner, they got us a gift card to Chili's and offered to watch the kids while Josh and I went out on a date! It has been soooo long since we have done this.....far too long I might this was nice! Strange but nice! Isn't it crazy how you feel so different when you leave the kiddos to go out you have never done that before! Weird! Anyway, we had a fantastic time (even though my boobs were like milk gushing rocks) and even went to Barnes & Noble for a little relaxation!

We received a call after dinner from Wes telling us that the girls were having a blast and were currently covered in chocolate pudding, about to be thrown into the fun!
How can you worry when you know your kid is having so much fun that she has to be bathed? We were a little concerned that she would be fussy because she has really had attachment issues lately, but it sounds like the girls coaxed her out of that quickly after our departure! They even said Spencer was a good little boy! YAY for good kids!

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