Friday, July 11, 2008


Today is Josh's birthday! He is 28, we are getting old! Sam & I made Josh a cake today.....and what is baking a cake without licking the beaters?????

We still have things going on with both sides of the family right now and I am just asking again for your prayers. Josh is carrying several heavy burdens at this time and I know that he is in need of an extra measure of God's comfort and peace.

All of this is in addition to the monster that has overtaken my daughter. I am certain that Samara will show up again some time soon but right now, mostly monster! She does have her sweet moments but they are far and few between and typically laced with a little manipulation! I am anxiously awaiting her return!

We did take them to the park a couple of mornings ago......I think I might have mentioned that....anyway, here is that new double stroller in action.

Have I mentioned that little man is looking more and more like Josh every day? Here is my little camo mohawked man.

Oh, & have I mentioned that we have a constant addition to Sam's face right now? I am hoping that this will also go away as she adjusts also. She had almost completely rid herself of them but now she isn't happy unless it is in there.....oh and it's not just the one in her face....she also has to have at least one in her hand!!!!! (for those paci police out there.....this is the least of my worries right now....even though it does bug the heck out of me) I can't get a stinkin picture of her right now without a dumb paci in her mouth. My mother-in-law even bought her a book called "No More Pacis" that she really likes, but she does not seem to relate it to herself!

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