Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Weekend of a Thousand Pics

So, this is really late, I realize.....better late than never, right?

Well, we didn't make it to church again on Sunday. This is the second weekend in a row that we haven't been able to go because of sickness. Last weekend it was all of us....this weekend only Sam. Poor thing was going on 2 weeks of this junk. I THINK she is finally over it!

Saturday night was a horrible night....Sam woke up in the middle of the night screaming....only going back to sleep with Daddy rocking her and then woke again at 4:45 but that time it was to stay. Early morning.

We played outside a BUNCH! That is about all that will make her happy when nothing else will. Her and Maddie have really become is really cool.

Mom & Dad got her skates for her birthday so after her nap we went out and let her skate for the first time. It was pretty cute.

As most of you know, the Cowboys played so we had to put Sami's cheerleader outfit on. We went to my grandparents to watch the game but left at 1/2 time because of fussy babies. It worked out fine though because Josh wasn't even willing to watch the end of the game he was so irritated. Stinkin' Cowboys!

Josh left for Oklahoma yesterday so lots of traveling for him this week.

Our 12 year old niece was baptized last was AWESOME! Mom kept the kids so I could actually enjoy myself.....thanks Mom, you rock! It was wonderful to see her dedicate her life to the Lord.

Here you can see Sam's new "seat". Isn't Maddie the best?

Isn't Little Man getting big? TIME FLIES!

Here is here first skate!

Oh, I just had to share this one. How perfect that I got that sibling love shot. She picks on him.....isn't that nice!

Here is our beautiful dog!

Oh, and once again....a wonderful dog. She likes to dig in Sam's sandbox (which of course Sam thinks is sooo cool) to get to cool sand, lay down and cool off. BUT, once she lays down she is fair game. Poor girl.....Sam throws sand on her....and not just anywhere, but in her face.....isn't that mean? But Maddie just chills. If she gets irritated enough she will just get up and walk off.

These pictures are just funny. The first one she was saying, "Maddie eat". She is in a stage where she has to copy EVERYTHING so here she is eating, watching Maddie eat. And the second one is just a perfect snapshot of my dramatic daughter.

Here is Little Man. I put him in the swing while she was playing....I guess he enjoyed it.

And here are the cutest pictures ever. Isn't he precious?

Here is a before & after of Sam & I. I know you can't really see her hair in the after of Sam so I put some more up.

(I told you I took a ton.....of course this was only a VERY small helping)


Jenna and Mosin Haider said...

AWWW!!! Thanks for posting these Reagan. I told you she would just move if she's irriated with the kids! Aidah was notorious for poking her in the eyes. Sami's hair looks great! I bet you're as glad as I am to have taken the plunge!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE her hair!!!!!! It is SO adorable! Yours is nice too:)
What a sweet dog you have.
I CAN NOT believe how big Spencer is sitting in his daddy's lap!
Thanks for the pics!


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