Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Picture Overload

We MUST get out of the house today. Sam is getting cabin fever and driving me CRAZY! I don't know what we'll do......maybe the park?

Talked to to my Mom last night and my Grandma is doing MUCH better. Things were getting pretty scary there for a while. They are talking like they will let her go home today.

Just thought I'd share some of the latest pics.

At Mom's Touch this week we did a super cute craft (thanks, Jaclyn). They were family trees. We decorated them with pretty papers, pictures of the fam, buttons, ribbon, etc. CUTE! Anyway, a few mornings ago Sam ran into the kitchen when I was putting my clothes on. I came in and found this.....

This may not look so bad to you but then I saw this......
Yes, that would be all the buttons in her hand! The little stinker had pulled every button off the darn thing!

Little Man
This picture is soooo my serious Sam. Isn't is piercing? If looks could kill she would be in real trouble. I think she gets that from J. ; )
There were several of these......she was "posing" for me! She was cracking me up! She isn't normally such a willing subject!

This is before church on Sunday. We had her all dressed and then J gave her a powdered donut. Turned out like I expected.

Isn't is just the cutest when they find their feet? They are his favorite toy right now....he will not leave them alone.

Isn't he getting ridiculously chunky?

Here is my little monkey. She likes to jump on the bed. AND, the funny thing about this shot is that I caught her watching herself in the mirror while she jumped.
Our beautiful Maddie. Here you see her laying in the "box"...... or so Sami has named it. There is a big hole full of sand where we pulled up the pool. They both LOVE it! They think it is just a huge sandbox for their enjoyment!

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