Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Feelin' kinda crafty!

So, I have been in a crafty mood lately! Yesterday I did 2 projects. If I can't finish something in a day, I'm not interested. It will sit in my "to be finished" pile for forever if I don't get it done the day I started. I guess you could say I like instant craft gratification.

Josh might hurt me if I bought any more craft stuff so I just used what I had.

First I made this pocket tissue holder. Isn't it cute? I saw this tutorial and thought.....that's easy, cute & functional! Doesn't get any better than that! Of course I couldn't just leave it be....I had to add the rick rack and star. I probably wouldn't have picked camo but that's what I had.

Ever since I got that fancy schmancy camera from my bro, my mind has been pondering a way to make it "cute". Isn't that silly? I knew I couldn't permanently alter it in any way so I had to think of something that was removable. I have seen cute camera straps before so here is what I made. It isn't just cute and removable (i.e. interchangeable) but it is also padded! I did make it a little short so I will have to lengthen the next one a bit but otherwise I am pretty happy with it!

Yay for my sewing machine!

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering how I took pictures of my camera when I lost my other one....... I have amazing friends. A box from Best Buy showed up at my doorstep with a very cool pocket camera tucked inside. WOW! I totally don't deserve that but am very grateful for it! Thank you!

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