Saturday, October 25, 2008

Princess or NOT?????

Have you ever heard of the book The Princess And The Pea? (If you have not, you need to google is short and sweet). It could have quite possibly been one of my all time favorite children's books. I am coming to the conclusion that it is because I could relate so well and it made me feel GOOD for being so finicky.

I have to say that people oustide of the fairytale land don't seem to think it is such an attractive character trait.

If you are pondering what some of these things might be.....I will inform you.
  • I can NOT stand for water to be on my face. (my Dad passed this to me and I have passed it to Sam)
  • I don't particularly like being wet at all.
  • I can not sleep if their is even a single crumb in the bed. (oh, I am getting the chills just thinking about this one)
  • I can't stand for the bottoms of my feet to be touched. (and it is the highlight of Josh's day to run his nails across the bottom of my feet.....gotta love 'em)
  • I have to do the same things in the same way every single day. (for example I have a shower routine; wash hair, wash face, condition hair, wash body, shave)
I am sure there are more but, you get the point.

I am holding firm that these things make me a princess. : )

Oh, and while on that note......I have a question for you. During a game at our family Christmas (which is a whole other post in itself) there was the question...... Do you put both socks on and then both shoes or do you put one shoe on, one sock on and then one shoe and one sock? My brother made the statement that NO ONE puts on one sock and one shoe and then the other sock and shoe. He was wrong because I am that person.

Just curious what you do????????


Create Joy Custom Designs said...

There is nothing wrong with liking things a certain our house it's called being "high-maintenance", a term I will deny being identified with to my grave, even though deep down I know it's true. =) I definitely like the "princess" idea better. Will have to mention that one to Brian.


Jenna said...

Haha...I laugh because I'm continuously called OCD. The problem is, that I'm not at all. I'm just really particular in how things MUST be done. To the point of if I wake up to a dirty kitchen, my morning is shot. Funny thing is though, its my territory and Hubby isn't allowed. So if it isn't clean, I'm to blame.

Lindsey said...

Oh I am completely insane about this kind of thing. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I have a routine. I wipe out the sheets because I CANNOT STAND any speck of crumb in the bed. I have the same cup with water next to the bed, I put my lotion on in the same pattern everytime. I do EVERYTHING in a special way and it has to be done like this or I don't feel settled. My husband thinks I'm a nutcase. I think he might be right.

Misty Jassey said...

You know that I make my whole family nuts because I am a perfectionist! I can be doing something for the first time and realize 2 minutes into it that I have already decide how it MUST be done. No changing, even for myself! As far as things like putting my shoes on, I do things like that differently day to day.

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