Friday, October 10, 2008

What am I looking at?

Well, I have so many things I could blog about but without pictures they are B-O-R-I-N-G!

So I came up with an alternative.....I thought I would share with you what tabs I have open right goes...... (I warn you.....this will be an EXTREMELY long post)

G-Mail- I just started this account and it is AWESOME! This is no standard e-mail. You can forward mail from your current account so you don't have to change your can also send e-mails as if they were from that account. You can link any e-mails you get with an event or date directly into your Google calendar! You can filter ALL of your I have a folder for Josh's e-mail, church e-mails, coupon e-mails, devotion e-mails, etc. You never have to delete can just stick it in a folder or "archive" it and if you ever need to find that e-mail from last year with your friends phone number, all you have to do is search for her name and WHAM! there it is! ALSO, and this is a very cool also, any e-mails that you send back and forth with someone are put into a "conversation" so they are all right there together instead of scattered all throughout your inbox! Soooo cool! Some of you may be wondering where in the heck I have been but seriously, this is all new to me and it is AWESOME!

Google Reader- LOVE IT! This saves me SOOO much time. I have loaded all the blogs I like to look at on a daily basis and I automatically know if they have posted something new so I don't waste my time dropping by if there's nothing new (and it keeps track of what I have read so it knows to tell me when there is a post I haven't read) Currently I keep up with 29 blogs so you can imagine how much time this saves!

Google Calendar- this is GRRREEEAAATTT! This is literally my brain. I put every appointment, event, etc here and have it send me reminders via text and a pop up so that I don't forget anything! I also can look at it anywhere I have Internet access AND Josh is a "user" so he can go in and add anything or look at what we have going on.

Heather Bailey - one of my FAVORITE fabric (and scrapbook paper) designers!

The Adventures of Baby Boy Martin- that's a pretty cool blog!

Ideas for Frugal and Easy Cooking

Hillbilly Housewife- she does frugal cooking ideas....she also has a menu for the Angel Food Ministry boxes

Simple Mom- one of my favorite blogs....this particular post is a great one on the best online tools...... actually the birth of several of my new Internet adventures!

100 Hundred Ideas for a Greener Family
- I am about as ungreen as they come and thought this might give me just a few ideas that I could actually implement.

Delicious- this is just stinkin' can learn more about how cool it is in Simple Mom's post about Internet tools.....I am currently in the process of tagging all the bookmarks I imported.

Celebrating Christmas in a meaningful way
- this is a good blog (Money Saving Mom).... it can get a little junked up sometimes....she will post anywhere from 4-8 posts a DAY!

Kitchen Organization- This has to stay in my tabs because there are sooo many links to check out and I will look at it on occasion when I have a minute or two to spare.

FlyLady- I cannot say enough about this is helping me deal with the "eating the elephant whole" syndrome. My Dad sent this to me several years ago but it hasn't been until just recently that I actually took the time to check it and implement some of the ideas.....if you struggle with keeping your house in order (even though you so desperately want to) you need to check this site out!

Fuzzi Bunz- seriously considering the cloth diaper deal and was doing a little research

Fall/ Halloween decorating ideas
- this is on my reader.....i love thrifty and crafty!

More cloth diapering stuff

Making your own cloth diapers- which is what I am planning on doing.....I have ordered the fabric so I will let you know how that venture goes

Cloth diaper care & laundering

More washing instructions

Where I can buy the best detergent for the cloth diapers (Country Save)

In case you haven't noticed or don't already know this about me....I am kind of a FREAK when it comes to research.....I typically will not buy anything until I have researched the stink out of it. And trust me on this.....I am not getting into this cloth diapering thing until I know what to expect.

Raising Strong Girls- I'm actually not sure about this one.....I haven't had a chance to check this out yet..... I ran across it and thought I would see if it was of interest to me.

Fall Front Porches
- doesn't this just sound scrumptious?

Molly Monkey Pattern
- soooo cute! .....maybe some day

Chicken Recipes

Quick & Easy Kid Recipes

I was searching for recipes for 1
- it seems that I always end up eating cereal with Josh gone.....I don't guess I have actually accepted this as a way of life yet. I think I have finally realized that this won't be changing any time soon so I better get accustomed to the idea of eating alone and find some good, nutritious food.

Sew Mama Sew- this has to be one of my all time favorite blogs...... and this particular post is a ton of fun...... displaying readers projects!

Fabric pumpkin tutorial
- this is still in my tabs because I wanted to look around..... I liked what I saw and wanted to see what else her blog had to offer

A book I wanted to check out
- you'll have to excuse the title on this was recommended and I wanted to see what it was all about.

A craft book club
- this is a book club using the book from the recommendation......thought that sounded like a cool idea and wanted to check it out.

Fabric shop
- I like to dream

And, that my friends is the end of my tabs. I love Firefox! I am sure that you all think I am as crazy as my husband does for having so many tabs open at the same time but the Internet is a black hole for me...... one thing ALWAYS leads to another (or 5 others).

Maybe some day I will own a camera again and I can start posting about life! You have no idea how long a month without a camera is.....especially with an infant.....I feel like I have missed sooooo much!

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