Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This a post for any of you who would like an inside glimpse at a couple of things that make me smile about my Sami but it is written that my feeble mind not be responsible for remembering.

-I have come to learn some things that I say on a regular basis that I had NO idea I was saying. You surprised me one day after Bub started coughing by saying, "goodness Bubba." Ha, it was stinking funny to here you say that. Now it is said any time he coughs or chokes or anything. It is hilarious because you sound so grown up! (and I now realize that I say that a LOT....wow)

-This could be one of my all time favorites..... Nini taught you about the "tickle finger." You will now come up to me with that finger a wagging and say "TICKLE PINGER!" It is sooooo funny. I laugh so hard and it works out great because you think I am laughing because you are tickling me. You can't get those F's out so it is just CA-UTE!

-You and Connor are the BEST of friends. I have never seen any kiddos this tiny be such great friends. Anyhow......Connor's name for you has evolved from Mara to Mia. It is super cute that he has a nickname for you. Apparently you like it as well because you will go around saying, "Connor's Mia. Sami Connor's Mia!!!!" How cute is that! You two love each other so much.

There are so many but these are the ones that stick out in my mind right now. I love you baby girl!

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