Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crazy Week!

Things have been crazy this week.....I don't know why it has seemed so crazy....probably because I was out of my "routine" for so many days! I don't do so well when I get out of my routine!

Monday Josh was home. (nuf said)

Tuesday my sister-in-law went into the hospital for low fluids so I had to go to Mom's to spend the night in case I had to leave at some crazy hour. (which I didn't, thankfully)

Wednesday I headed up to the hospital with Spencer....they were starting the induction @ 5am. My Mom is wonderful and offered to keep Sam. Sam and small cramped spaces don't mix very well.

At 3:57 my niece, Lexi Kay was born! (and believe it or not, her delivery was very similiar to mine..... 2 pushes and she was outta there!) I got to experience the whole thing....I love it! I was in the room with Levi's birth also......there is just something about witnessing a life enter this world that is AWESOME! Josh made it back from OK just in time for Lexi to be born.

Thursday my grandmother went into the hospital for possible meningitis....they still weren't sure the last time I heard. It was Mom's day to keep Balin so guess who got to step in..... ME. I didn't think I would mind but OHHHH those two! They never cease to amaze me in finding stuff to get into! They are a mess when their together! Josh had to go back to OK for appointments he had already set up.....ugh.

Friday Josh got back home. We went to Joey & Melissa's to see baby Lexi.....they are so much cuter a few days later! For those of you who don't know.....Joey is Josh's brother. Samara and their first, Levi are 4 months apart and Spencer and Lexi are 4 months apart! It is fun!

Friday night we headed to some friends to have dinner and some fellowship! There were 3 couples and 5 kids under 4! Whew! Samara had a 30 minute nap in the car on the way to Joey and Melissa's so we were worried! She sat in her room for 2 hours but would NOT go to sleep! Anyway, she was surprisingly GREAT! We stayed over there until 10:30! Yes, you read that right. Way past our bedtime and WAAAYYY past Sam's! In fact, Sami is still asleep and it is 7:15 am! WOW!

Tonight we are supposed to have a bonfire with our Sunday School group!

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