Friday, August 15, 2008

Daddy Day!

Well, I haven't updated in a few days....sorry! So, we got to go play at the mall with Dawn and Connor again this week! They have so much fun together! Here you can see them hugging! Isn't that so sweet? I kid with Dawn that Connor is already on the "ok to date" list!

Daddy came home last night which is a big treat because he doesn't usually make it home until Friday afternoon/evening! We got all day to play today! This morning it was raining so we took the kids outside and let Samie play in the rain. She was having fun splashing in the mud!

Also, this week I got Samara's table and chairs down from the attic. We took them after Taylor outgrew them and Sam was SOOOO excited to have her own table in the kitchen. She was so funny....she just kept going in there and sitting at the table. She eats there and draws there and plays cute! In the picture you can see her eating syrup.....yes, you read that right! (thus the shirt being covered) The girl was so funny.....I gave her french toast with maple syrup and she just kept scooping the syrup with her hand and eating it all by itself.....I had to make her eat the toast! Maybe next time I will put the syrup on the toast rather than let her dip it herself!

And I just had to add this last picture of my little man lookin' like Elvis!

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