Friday, August 8, 2008

Good Times!

Soooo, I am vowing now to NEVER stay at the house all day again! Samara has been wonderful all week....until today! This also happened to be the only day that we didn't go anywhere.....not to mention that we can't even go outside right now for fear of melting!

I am so excited to say that Sam has been awesome this week! We have had sooo much fun....I had kinda forgotten how much fun we once had together! It is as if she just flipped a switch. I am even able to leave the baby for more than 10 seconds without worrying that Samara might try to kill him! She finally came up and sat with me for a long time while I was nursing and it has been since he was born that she has done this. She made it very clear that she didn't want any part of that and would just sit by herself! I am so relieved by this change! Thank you Jesus! She has really seemed to enjoy Spence this week....she likes to help me with him, play with him and overall, just take care of him. She is ALWAYS giving him his paci when he drops it (even when he doesn't want it)! The other night she enjoyed bathing him!

And this picture cracks me up.....I put him in his crib with his activity gym and went to do some housework. When I went back in there to check on him, his big sister had so graciously found a box of toys and was giving him stuff to play with! It was so sweet but as you can see, she got a little carried away!

We did have an active week....which was fun for both of us.....I too like to get out of the house everyday. Tuesday we went to Toddler Time at the is the 2nd time we have gone! She isn't that interested in the books that are being read.... more interested in checking out what everyone else is doing and playing, but you know.....maybe it will grow on her. There are actually quite a few people who show up. We stuck around for a little while after the stories and I let her play in the little toddler area. We met several people and there were a ton of kids right around her age so she enjoyed that just as much as the story time. Funny....there were also 3 infants born within days of Spence so I had plenty to talk about with the other ladies!

Wednesday we went to the mall and met Dawn and Connor. Sam and Connor are so stinkin' cute together! For those who don't know, they are 6 weeks apart and have been playmates since birth! They are truly is soooo cute! They had a ton of fun together!

Yesterday I had my 6 week girlie Sam and Spence went to Mom's and played with Bay and Lyssa. I know I have mentioned this before but Sam and Bay are so cute....just can't get enough of each other.....they just kiss all the time. Like I told Mom, that will have to end soon....but it is cute for now!

Here is my little copycat (if you don't know what she is doing, I'm not telling)

And this is a picture of Spencer in the outfit that Josh came home from the hospital in! His Mom kept it and gave it to us when Spence was born! (he kinda looks like a bobble-head doll in this picture, doesn't he?) I keep forgetting to put him in it and take pictures....I finally remembered today and I'm glad I did because it was almost too small!

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