Saturday, August 23, 2008

Do you know anyone who wants a dog?

We are searching desperately for a good home for Foxy. Foxy is a 5 year old Toy Fox Terrier who does not particularly like young children. Samara has been torturing her ever since she was able and Foxy has finally had enough. We were hoping that it would never come to this but Foxy has gotten aggressive toward Sam and we won't put up with that. This is not Foxy's fault. She is an amazing dog! We REALLY need to get her out of this house but we do NOT want to take her to a will break my heart to give her up.....knowing that she was in a shelter would kill me. If you know ANYONE who doesn't have small children that would love a great dog, please pass the word along! Things get worse every day so the sooner the better. Samara is going to be SOOOO sad. This is going to be soooo hard!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe Foxy has to go.. I know its hard and wish I knew of someone.
I want to tell you what a great mother you are and thinks it's awesome that you are recording your children's lives with tons of pics and videos! I only hope I can do the same...

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Please visit the link below for rescue groups in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

But you found a new one, and she's great with kiddos! ;)


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