Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Skinned knuckles!

Here it is 6:30am and I have already been up for an hour! If I had to wake up at 5:30am pre-kids I likely would have griped about it for days! Last night was a little rough! Yesterday Sam fell on the driveway and skinned the top of her knuckles.

She has skinned her knees like a zillion times but I guess because it is on her knuckles it REALLY bothers her. She woke up at 12:45 screaming and didn't quit for about 45 minutes. UGH! Her new thing is, any time she gets hurt or is tired she says, "rock". She wants us to rock her.....apparently this chair is medicinal. Anyway, that's what she was screaming last night! Let me just tell you that compassion is not flowing freely through my bones in the middle of a night already far to short! I did not rock her......mostly because I knew it wouldn't do any good and partly because when we do something one time she thinks she has privilege. Not going to start a middle of the night rocking routine....thank you very much!

Of course this episode woke little man. I suppose saying she was screaming was an understatement. Her knew thing is to shriek and to do it so much that she ends up gagging herself! Nice! Can I just tell you that I kept asking God if he hated me. I was mulling over the days activities wondering if I had done something to seriously tick Him off! Spencer is still waking every 3-4 hours around the clock to eat. I was not exactly overflowing with joy to see his face. Thankfully the timing worked out so that I could just feed him and put him back to bed.

Totally off subject.....I use Firefox. Josh is always getting frustrated at the amount of tabs I have open. Right now there are 36 tabs open......I guess I am getting a little carried away! I must admit that this is how my house is, I leave things out so I won't forget where they are. I see something I want to look at, a coupon I want to print, etc. and I just open a new tab so that it will be right there when I go back to find it! Oh well!

Had to share some of the most recent pics of Spence. Isn't he precious!

Samara must smother (kiss) him like 20 times a day!

Oh, and the self initiated potty training is going pretty well actually. She WON'T keep a diaper on so I just have to remind her and she will go. Occasionally she will say, "diaper on." You put the diaper on her, she goes to the bathroom and takes it right back off! (frustrating!)

There is certainly no consistency to it, but so far, letting her decide is the only way it will work anyway! I refuse to do pull-ups during the day because I don't want her to think she has a choice of going on the potty or in her diaper. She has been wearing some very cute Elmo panties or just going "bottomless". We have had a couple of accidents but I am sure they were as much my fault as they were hers. I forget to ask her if she needs to go. Oops!

And a hug for you all!

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