Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Silly Kids!

Yesterday was a ton of fun! We went over to my brother's house and the kids got to play! My nephew absolutely adores the little ones so of course he was in heaven!

As you can see, the Mullins family is a little strange! Welcome to the freak show! You can also see from the expression on Sam's face that she was not all that excited to have darts stuck to her forehead!

That wasn't the end of the madness.....my sister-in-law had to get in on it and stuck a dart to poor defenseless Spence's head!

Karen and I were trying to get some work done so we kept sending the kids to play when they came back in. Karen suggested they play dress-up. Sam couldn't have been happier......

Can you tell? Oh well, we tried. She did look cute though!

Not much else to report......Mom & Dad are in Canada this week for their 40th wedding anniversary so we won't be going over there this week.

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