Friday, August 1, 2008

Just some precious pics of the little man.....he is really fattening up!

Oh My! I had NO idea. I was introduced to Facebook by my Sunday School friends. I honestly thought it was for high school kids! What a great way to keep in touch with people. I spent WAY too much time checkin' out all my old (and current) friends last night and am entirely too tired. Actually the ironic thing about it all is that I know I am going to end up communicating more with people I see every week than anyone else. Silly, but the phone is my enemy! Hopefully now I can actually follow through with contacting friends! Yowser, what has this world come to?

I also just signed up on PaperBackSwap. I am a book junkie, and was even more so when working at Mardel because I was privy to all the GREAT deals! Anyhow, I just went through two of the umpteen billion shelves of books I have and have already posted 26 books. I also already have 2 requests from the ones I have listed. Next to the library, this is the best deal I have ever seen on books! You pay the shipping when you send one out (and get a credit for it) and then when you find one you want, they pay the shipping to send it to you (and take a credit)! Sooo, about $2 a book! The other great thing about this (as opposed to Half Price Books) is that you aren't at the mercy of one individual trying to decide if anyone is going to want that particular book or not. You post what you have and if someone likes it, they request it.

I am very excited......I finally got a new phone today. Our contract FINALLY ended with Sprint and we dropped them like a hot potato....they are ridiculous.....every little change renewed our contract for 2 years.....getting a new phone, adding texting, changing ANYTHING! It was so frustrating. We decided to go with Verizon because Consumer Reports said they had the best customer satisfaction (and because the commercials are great, of course) so I will let you know if I run into any problems with them.

Spencer slept 6 hours straight last night....WOOHOO....that's a record that he will hopefully beat tonight ; ) Samara was sleeping 8-10 hours a night by this time.....she has always been a great sleeper but I also fed her formula. Whoever says that doesn't matter is WRONG! This kid is so erratic and eats soooo often. Last night was the first night I swaddled him so maybe that was the trick.

So, Sam has this disgusting new habit. She has a) figured out how to take off her own diaper and b) decided she doesn't like to have a wet or dirty diaper on. This makes for a real mess when she is dirty! The other day she was running around without a diaper on; I was in the kitchen and heard her yelling for me and saying, "uh-oh"....that's never good because she ALWAYS knows when something is an uh-oh and when it is not. I ran in there (the hall) to find her standing there with a small bit of poop on the floor and her hand and leg covered in poo and of course it was smeared all over her bum!!!! GROSSS!

no, that is not chocolate on her leg

I was so irritated with her and told her that if she wasn't going to wear a diaper she HAD to go to the big girl potty. After I had cleaned up the mess and went to go flush the wipes down the toilet I realized what an idiot I was. She HAD pooped in the potty! I guess she was trying to wipe herself (minus the toilet paper)! She did this all by herself.....I didn't prompt it all! (I could insert a picture of the poop in the potty right here, but I will spare you) Unfortunately history has not repeated itself!

BUT, last night after I put her to bed I went to check on her (like I do every night after she has fallen to sleep). Well, I was in for a big surprise. Her door was not shut (clue #1 that things weren't right) and when I went to shut it I was stopped by something on the floor.....a diaper....and not just any diaper, it was a DIRTY diaper. At this point, I realize that Sam is lying in bed with poo all over booty (as she calls it) and very likely peeing all over the sheets! WOW, what a great parent I am! I went to survey the damage and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of an absolute disaster. She did have dried poo on her booty so getting that off and getting a diaper on obviously woke her, which I wanted so bad to avoid, but all in all that was the worst of it.

Anyway......we are battling this new habit, praying she will just get on with it and do her duty in the potty! You can be praying alongside of us, if for no other reason than to avoid reading anymore disgusting stories about poop!

Oh yes, and I have to mention.....I am going all domestic on ya! I am going to be a real June Cleaver before you know it. Today I made a loaf of bread in my bread maker. It wasn't bad actually and I think it turned out quite purty! I am proud of my loaf.....check it out!

I also used a pressure cooker for the first time ever (I didn't even know they existed until a couple of weeks ago). And just in case you are as ignorant as I am about kitchen stuff, a pressure cooker cooks things super fast!

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