Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick Update on Sam

So, we got the test results back from the blood work. Everything looked good. PRAISE GOD!

Now, we are waiting on the ultrasound and a stool sample and will go from there. We have the ultrasound tomorrow at noon so you can be thinking about us then as I'm sure it will freak her out (but thankfully won't actually hurt this time). The ultrasound is simply to make sure their are no structural abnormalities.

If they don't find anything with any of this stuff he will try to manage Irritable Bowl Syndrome and see if that resolves some of the problems.

On another note, I have a wonderful husband! As I said before, this week has been rough. He knew I wasn't kidding when every time I talked to him she was screaming. He showed up yesterday......moved some of his appointments so he could come home and rescue me! Love you Babe!

Unfortunately for him, having Daddy home didn't help her fussiness. Josh finally took her to the doctor today because of all this (and she has had a runny nose and has been complaining that her ear hurt). He came home with an antibiotic and a cold medicine so please pray that these will help her feel better and help with the attitude.

OH, and I just thought I would share a breakthrough! I found a discipline tool that has finally worked! Let me just tell you that we have been through them all. She typically just laughs at our discipline attempts. Spanking worked for a bit but has now become a joke like the other options. Finally I had a vision of being put in the corner! DUH! Why didn't I think of that before? The naughty corner! She HATES it! WOOHOO! Finally! Please pray that this continues to be an effective tool for us. (she also hates to go to her room when Spencer and I are playing somewhere else but I can't take her room with us everywhere and there is a corner just about anywhere you can think of!)

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Jenna and Mosin Haider said...

Thats awesome that nothing bad showed up on the bloodwork, but I know how disappointing it can be to not have a clear cut answer to why she's not feeling well. Aidah had Acid Reflux as a baby, we went through all the same stuff, bloodwork, ultrasound, and meds until I finally started eliminating certain things from her diet. Some of which we had never even thought was a factor. Has she been allergy tested? Aidah is HIGHLY allergic to a few things that I would have never suspected. Good luck, hopefully a clear cut answer will show up soon, or she'll be healed!! We're praying.

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