Monday, November 24, 2008

Silly kid

Well, the babe has been born. Carson Mullins was born on Friday November 21. The 9th addition for the grandparents(my parents)! WOW!

We got to spend the day Saturday just hanging out. Sunday we went to church......we actually went to the 8am service so J could watch Da Boys. After naps we went to Uncle Joey & Aunt Mimi's. I hadn't seen Miss Lexi Kay since the day she came home from the hospital so I was excited to finally see her again!

Thank you all for your prayers for Sam. Today she said, "my tummy hurts," for the first time in over a week. It has been a LONG time since she has gone that long without saying something like that. We are still not sure what all that is about but she seems to be feeling better.

My Sami is so cute! Her new thing is telling me who is a boy and who is girl. She will go through the list, "Daddy's a boy. Mommy's a guwrul. Nini's a guwrul. Papa's a boy".......on and on the list goes. She also impressed us today when we drove by Whataburger and she shouted, "triangle." Once again, I haven't gotten around to teaching her shapes yet. She has most of her colors down so I guess she decided to shift her focus to shapes. I am always one step behind her.

Whew....we are hitting those 2's. She wants things HER way or NO way. She is extremely territorial. If something is Josh's and I am using it, she loses it......has a fit. She is constantly taking things to their owners.....drinks, shoes, pens, you name it. It's almost an obsession.

She is getting into the hyper thing. We have never really experienced this with her until just recently but oh my.....tonight she was RIDICULOUS. I am dreading those sleepovers already!

I know I haven't posted much about Spencer but it's because he doesn't do alot. He still sleeps a ton. He is still the sweetest, smiliest, good natured baby! He LOVES his big sister.....she can always make him is so cute! (there is just something about sibling love that just warms a Momma's heart)

Can't wait for Turkey Day......If I don't post before Thursday.......HAPPY THANKSGIVING.....I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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