Monday, November 17, 2008

Flea Market Finds

OOOHHHH.....maybe my ALL TIME favorite past time. Thrift shopping. Pretty much EVERYONE thinks I am nuts.....buying JUNK! I am totally one of those trash to treasure people. I LOVE seeing something that once looked like trash transform into something beautiful! I suppose it's why I am also a sucker for makeover shows!

Saturday morning the city of NRH put on a flea market and I had FUN! Josh watched the kids (thanks sweet love) while I perused the grounds! I only spent about $20 but I got some cool stuff....not to mention a few things I had been looking for and would have paid full price for!

I took some pics of a few of the things. Just keep in mind that many of these things will be "repurposed"!

I actually haven't decided if I will be painting this horse or not. It was too cute not to pass up. I am putting shelves up in Sam's room and I will decide once I get those up and it on there.

I have been collecting these milk glass bud vases for some time now. I already had these shelves up in my kitchen but I found a few more vases to add to my collection! (yes, my house is old and YES, I know the soffits date my kitchen!)
Oh....and silly as it may be, these are probably my FAVORITE finds. FUN vintage books! The sewing book is absolutely scrumptious!
I mean, check out these pages! The copyright is from 1972 so it is a blast to look at! (check out those flounce pants on the far right side)
I bought this little planter to paint and use as a toothbrush holder! The shelves will be painted and go in Sam's room!
I got a ton of cool frames to paint and this really cool bronze plate thing (it's big). I can't decide if I am going to hang it on the wall or put it on the kitchen table as part of a centerpiece!
Oh.....and I have a soft spot for vintage sheets! I am absolutely in LOVE with the one on the far right!
And finally, I found this neato chair! It needs some TLC but has GREAT bones! (and Sam took right to it) It is really different......short and fat......I thought it appropriate for me :) JK....kind of.

I also got a pillow for my bed, some fabric, a plant stand and some other odds and ends!

I was giddy when I got home......even though I knew I would have to face eyes rolling and sighs! That is what I call QUALITY alone time!


Anonymous said...

You did awesome! I can't believe how little you spent. Next time I get to go with you! I have really been wanting to go garage sale-ing lately, but I can't drag myself out of bed that early on Sat morning. Maybe if I had someone else to motivate me to go? Love the vintage books and the chair.

Ann Martin said...

Love the bronze has character.

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