Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kid Stuff

Just had to show you this pic of Sam! She had a little run in with the fence while at Mom's the other night. She "needed" a band aid but Mom was afraid to put it on the actual bump so she put it to the side of can see the actual scratch on the far left side of her head (looks kinda like a shadow from her hair). Anyway.....just thought this was too cute! She is putting her hand over her mouth (her new thing) in awe!

Here is my not-so-little Little Man. The kid is getting big. He is wearing 12 month clothes already! He will be 5 months this goes by sooo fast!
Oh and here is what I walked into this morning. Sam climbed up the side of the crib, slung her leg over and hung out in there with Bub! NICE!

She is growing up WAY too fast. Daily I am amazed at the things she can do. She is now spelling her full name (and it's stinkin' cute)! She is no longer sitting on her little potty and doesn't even need a stool for the big potty......just scootches her way onto the seat! I swear she isn't even going to need me in a year! I ALWAYS underestimate what she can learn. There have been SO many times that I have told myself, "don't bother with that yet, she won't be able to do that" but time and again she has proven me wrong! I love that girl but she is Miss Independent and I am SCARED! Oh how my parents will take great joy in knowing that I will most certainly be getting back what I gave to them!

Here is her Twinkle Twinkle.....


Lindsey said...

Wow!!! i LOVE the crib set and wall color! Do you have a post of pics? I want to see more!

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT believe he is in 12 mo clothes!! He is huge! When did this happen? Miss you and the babies.

Ms Fancy said...

Thanks Lindsey....I do have 1 pic in an old post

but that's it. My Mom did it all while I was on bed rest. Painted the walls, painted the crib, made all the bedding and a really cute curtain. I really love is very different.

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